Liverpool Gets Its Groove Back


The event held at Anfield on Saturday, marked an unforgettable moment for both team and players of the Northern England Club. For the first time in recent years, the team could finally find a spot at the top of the English Premier League. The beam of joy, gladness and happiness could not be hid from the faces of both players and supporters of Liverpool as it gets its groove back.

Earlier plans of invasion form Manchester City returned to take a different look of evasion from the home team. The first half reflected an outstanding display of orchestrated courage, tactical support and skillful confrontation from the Merseysiders. Little wonder, Raheem Sterling’s sixth minute goal and Martin Skrtel’s 26th minute netting could be duly achieved. The Reds who were using what they have to get what they want, took charge and were totally in control of every transaction with the ball.

Issues grew worst for the visiting side when Yaya Toure got struck with muscle injury while trying to take a shot. He was unavoidably substituted for Javi Garcia. Vincent Kompany who was earlier thought to be unfit for the game, showed little or no propelling force to his wrecking squad.

In the course of the second half, circumstances took a different turn. Manuel Pellegrini’s boys were seen putting in efforts and coming up at their very best. Luiz Saurez luckily missed a card sentence after displaying a rough tackle. Criticisms from the opposing side obviously arose but soon faded away in the wind.

Somewhere around the 57th minute, James Milner’s cross to David Silva made the difference when he got the ball and accurately placed it into the net with a shot. An unexpected own goal from Glen Johnson leveled the score line which gave rise to pressure from both sides. It was Philippe Coutinho’s judicious conversion of Vincent Kompany’s erroneous clearance that created the 78th minute late strike and produced the 3-2 winning result to confirm a 10 league winning streak at a roll by ending the momentous saga.

Steven Gerrard who was quite emotional during the game had later said that they were not going to rest on their oars as the struggle for the silverware continues. Coach Bredan Rodgers confirms this as well, while arguing the players to continue and not relent in anyway.

The Liverpool Captain, who was  in tears while rendering his final admonition during the game to his teammates, had never won a Premiership title since his debut at Anfield in 1998. Going down memory lane, this England’s most successful club, last lifted the prestigious Premiership trophy in the year 1990. It’s really amazing to see Liverpool get its groove back, because the Reds had being regular members of England’s top four in the Premiership until lately. All through the career of Steven Gerard in Anfield , he had won one Champions League, one UEFA Cup, two FA Cups, two Super Cups, two Community Shields and three League Cups.

The victory over Manchester City did not only place the Reds on top of the League’s table but pushed them two points above Chelsea who are currently filling the second place and seven points clear from third placed Etihad side who currently have two outstanding matches. Liverpool tops table as it gets its groove back.

Commentary by Obed Uche


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