Aaron Hernandez Investigated for Threatening to Kill Guard

Aaron HernandezEx-New England Patriot Aaaron Hernandez is under investigation by corrections officials for allegedly threatening to kill a guard, according to a TMZ report. Officials said the former star tight end could be in trouble for the second time this year, after beating up another inmate in February. Hernandez also made headlines late last week when it was reported that two of his associates had been charged in the murder of Odin Lloyd, for which he is currently locked up in the Bristol County Jail and facing murder charges.

According to reports, the incident, which happened late last year, stems from Hernandez’s attempts at getting extra food from the jail cafeteria. He has reportedly been losing a lot of weight while locked up, and had been plotting ways to secure more food, including putting insects in his food so he would be given another meal.  A guard caught wind of his ploys and put an end to the extra food. Investigators are now trying to determine if Hernandez, 24, threatened to kill the corrections officer. An ex-inmate, who may have had contact with him at the time, told TMZ that he never heard him threaten the guard over the incident.

On Friday, a grand jury in Bristol, Conn. handed down indictments against Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace in connection with Lloyd’s June 2013 murder. Both Ortiz and Wallace, who grew up near Hernandez in Bristol, had been previously charged with accessory to murder and pleaded not guilty. Many close to the case are saying that the indictments will work in his favor by illustrating that police rushed to arrest him before completing a thorough investigation. Hernandez, Ortiz and Wallace could all be convicted of Lloyd’s murder, according to reports, but the difficulty will be in proving that all three had intent to commit the crime.

At the time of the killing, Lloyd, 27, was romantically involved with the sister of  Shayanna Jenkins, who was Fernandez’s fiancee. Jenkins was charged with perjury after testifying before a grand jury. Tanya Singleton, his cousin, refused to testify and was charged with criminal contempt. They have both pleaded not guilty. Lloyd was found in an industrial park about one mile from Hernandez’s home shot as many as five times in what police are calling an execution-style slaying. He pleaded not guilty, but was later captured on surveillance cameras dancing and apparently high on drugs minutes before police determined he picked up Lloyd and just minutes before the shooting.

Just what went wrong between the NFL star and the struggling semi-pro player is still in question. A clear motive has yet to emerge. Investigators believe the two, who reportedly had a good relationship because of football as well as dating two sisters, argued at a nightclub several days before. According to court documents, Jenkins said she suspected that Lloyd may have been a drug dealer and a scale which could have been used to weigh drugs was recovered in the investigation. Hernandez’s own drug use is also a point of interest for investigators as well as a 2012 shooting that he is being investigated for. The possibility that Lloyd may  have been murdered because he knew details of the incident is also being probed.

Commentary by Rick Sarlat


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