Luc Besson: His Best Films

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The trailer for the new film called Lucy debuted this week. It was directed by Luc Besson and these are some of his best films.

The first film to be noticed by international audiences was the film Le Femme Nikita, a French film that came out in 1990. The plot is that a female convicted felon is given the opportunity of either going to jail or becoming a spy/assassin. She decides to be a spy. Things really heat up when she wants to quit her spy agency. This film is probably Luc Besson’s most normal film. It is probably because he did not have the budget to go crazy. It has hints of what future Besson pictures would be like. It was remade as a film called Point of No Return starring Bridget Fonda. It has exactly the same shots as the original film. The French version is still better.

The film had two TV spin-offs, one was on the USA Network and is better than the second one. The second one was on the CW network and was recently canceled.

Luc Besson’s next best film is called Leon The Professional. The plot is that a girl, played by a very young Natalie Portman, witnesses her family slaughtered by a team of corrupt DEA agents. She seeks protection from the neighbor next door who happens to be an assassin who mostly kills just bad guys. They spend the rest of the film trying not be killed by the evil DEA agents. This film is totally over the top. The explosions are so big that a person wonders how people in the Manhattan setting of the movie could survive. One of the DEA agents is played by Gary Oldman, and his character seems to be high on cocaine most of the film, as he acts very erratically throughout the film. His character practically eats the scenery. There are a few nice, intimate small scenes between the girl and her bodyguard. Mostly, this film just gets bigger and bigger as it heads towards an ending that a person would have to see to believe. There are merely two problems with this film. The title is a problem because different people have given it different titles. It has been called LeonLeon The Professional, and The Professional. A person should ensure that they pick the film with Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman. The additional problem is that the relationship between the young girl and the old assassin borders on the perverted. It does almost cross a line that some people may be unable to cross. If a person can get over the relationship, a person can appreciate the rest of the film.

The third film that could be considered Luc Besson’s best is called The Fifth ElementThe Fifth Element stars Bruce Willis, who plays a taxi driver in the future that has a customer literally fall out of the sky. He just happens to be a former Special Ops person, and his latest mission is to protect his female client from corrupt officials, evil aliens and gangsters. This film is like if a person put a science fiction book into a blender and then put the pieces back together again. It would make as much as sense as this movie. Somehow, Besson makes it works and a person can enjoy this film many times.

In addition to these films the director has been working on a new movie. Lucy, directed by Luc Besson, debuts this summer and may it be as good as Besson’s other best films.

Opinion by Tom Clark


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  1. Randall   April 13, 2014 at 2:10 pm

    Good article! I agree. The Professional was an almost perfect action/thriller/romance combination. I say almost because I myself am no perfect judge. I have yet to see # Days to Kill, but I hear very good reviews. But, as always, I let my own eyes tell me what they see. Until then, be well.


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