Mars Light Has NASA Asking Is Anybody Home?

MarsMars, not only named after the Roman God of War, but also the red planet for its bloody red color due to its iron-rich minerals. Now has astronomers scratching their heads wondering what in the milky way is going on as a strange light has been seen by NASA’s Curiosity rover and begging the world to ask, The light is on, but is anybody home? This “light” has UFO enthusiasts looking for their phasers, lightsabers, and communicators, just waiting for the appropriate time to say, “Beam me up Scotty!” All joking aside, the “light” on Mars is just one of many so-called “proofs” that there either was or now is life on Mars.

The earliest so-called proof was in 1976 when NASA’s Viking 1 orbiter took a picture of the planet’s cydonia region, and yes it does look like there is a face on the planet’s surface as one can see what looks like eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Yet, this face could be like those paintings one needs to stare at for a few minutes before the picture begins to manifest. In 2012, NASA’s Spirit rover captured what appears to be a rock person. It should be understood that these image’s picture clarity is not all that great and just because something is seen that looks like something here on earth, does not mean that something has happened, is happening, or is going to happen on Mars.

Experts say that these reported sightings are examples of what is called “Pareidola” which refers to the tendency of the human brain to perceive familiar shapes in vague of random images. Maybe like a mirage in the desert or on a very parched, broken, cracked ground where water is seen, but not really there. The face on Mars in 1976 was revisited recently by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and the pictures taken were sharper in clarity, revealed that the “face” that was seen 38 years ago, was in fact, not a face after all, but more of a play on people’s imagination, fortifying their hopes and dreams that there was indeed life on Mars.

With this new finding on the red planet and the hubbub that is gaining momentum these folks may start to question if there is life on Mars because of this light or is this just a hoax, like the picture of Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster. NASA’s handlers of these rovers makes no claim as to what is causing this light. More likely than not, it is coming from a reflective style of rock or it  interstellar  rays slamming into the CCD device on Curiosity’s right side navigation camera which took the photos.

Sci-Fi enthusiasts may start banning together across the world and start looking at the stars waiting for the mother ship to whisk them up, up, and away to a galaxy far away to learn the ways of the Farce… oops… Force. If so, they are going to be waiting a very long time. Two things will come out of it: One, they will get a stiff neck or two, they will get tired of waiting and become discouraged because nothing happened and people are starting to make fun of them. It is both strange and curious as to what is causing that light on the planet Mars. The people of the world will have to wait with bated breath until NASA confirms or denies what their rover is seeing. Mars, NASA calling. Your light has been seen, but is anybody home?

Opinion By: John Thomas


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    my Dad took me there when I was younger and we got free chocolates

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    my mistake thats a typo

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