‘Puss in Boots 2’ in the Works

Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots 2 is in the works with DreamWorks Studios according to star Antonio Banderas. The character is a fan favorite among the many exotic characters from the Shrek franchise. The character was first introduced in the 2004 sequel Shrek 2 and was an instant sensation among fans. The character is voiced by Antonio Banderas, which many agree was the perfect casting choice for the sword wielding feline. In Shrek 2, the character of Puss in Boots is a hired assassin who in time befriends the characters of Shrek, voiced by Mike Myers and Donkey, voiced by Eddie Murphy.

The character became so popular after Shrek 2, it was featured as part of the main cast for all the following sequels in the Shrek franchise. Although some of the later Shrek sequels were not as popular as the original two, Puss in Boots remained a beloved character. So much so that a spin-off was created to focus on the origins of the character in the 2011 film Puss in Boots. The titular character was once again voiced by Antonio Banderas, and the films cast included Salma Hayek as the thieving Kitty Softpaws and the always funny Zach Galifianakis as the classic fairy-tale character of Humpty Dumpty. The film was directed by Chris Miller and written by Tom Wheeler, and Guillermo del Toro not only voiced the character of Comandante but was also an executive producer on the film.

The Puss in Boots sequel is now in the works and will follow after the events of the first film. In the first one, Puss in Boots was an orphan who became close to another orphan, Humpty Dumpty. The nursery rhyme character was obsessed with finding magic beans that led to a goose who laid golden eggs. The two characters had a falling out that left Puss in Boots as a wanted fugitive. The two form a trio with Kitty Softpaws later on to get the magic beans and the fortune it leads to, but Humpty Dumpty is planning on betraying his childhood friend. In the end, Puss in Boots and Humpty Dumpty find redemption from their scarred pasts. All these events culminate to create the character that Puss in Boots already is when introduced in Shrek 2.

Puss in Boots became a critical and financial success. The film was not only entertaining for children but also adults. With a box office gross of 554.9 million worldwide, it was even nominated for an Academy Award for best animated feature film of the year. It was Antonio Banderas who first announced the news of Puss in Boots 2 being in the works during an interview for his latest film, The Expendables 3. Banderas announced that he has already started work on the sequel. Guillermo del Toro has also stated that the sequel was being written and that a few drafts have already been made. The new film will still be in the same universe as the Shrek films but will incorporate new exotic locations, visually they want to make the film feel like a western. Since Puss in Boots 2 is still in the works, it may be a few years until fans can see it on the big screen. For now fans have plenty of Shrek sequels to fill their Puss in Boots void.

Opinion by: Miguel A. Tamayo




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