Nose Shapes May Have Meanings

Nose Shapes Nose shapes may have meanings, and may signify the amount of energy a person has and his work style. This surprisingly also in the center of one’s emotional life. The size of the nose along with its width is also used to determine the “self-image” a person may have in his mind.

People have various nose types of with minor and insignificant variations and it is not always easy to surely classify each types of nose to a particular group. But, is there any connection between the types of noses people have and their personalities or behaviors? Though most people do not believe it, there actually might be a connection. One thing is certain, different nose shapes consist of several features such as:

Turned-up Nose

Legendary actress Marilyn Monroe had this type of nose shape. People who have these types of shapes are often optimistic, kind and have a character that is full. They have much passion that does not seem to end for new things.

Nose Shapes Roman Nose

Abraham Lincoln had a Roman nose. Many great leaders had these types of nose shapes as well. These types indicate people who do not do things impetuously and they have a strong personality. They are good at influencing other people, and efficiently organize things. They are not aggressive.

Nose ShapesStraight or Geek Nose

Admiral Lord Nelson and Sean Penn have a straight nose. Greek nose is another name for this shape. People who have straight nose types are thought to be very skilled, intelligent, functional and inspirational. They can think logically in the crisis moments, and can control their emotions.

Nose Shapes Snub or Small Nose

Generally smaller in size, these types of nose shapes seem to be turned up as well. People who have Snub nose among them are well-known Muhammad Ali and Wayne Rooney. This certain group of people are considered to be fast witted. They might react too fast at times.

Nose Shapes Nubian or Big Nose

Nose shapes may have meanings and this idea can be believed by looking at President Barack Obama who has this kind of nose. People with this type are always looking for novel ways to approach issues, are very enthusiastic and unprejudiced. Because of their charismatic characteristics they can draw people to themselves when it comes to their personalities. They are overly expressive and emotional at times.

Nose Shapes Hooked Nose

This is the type of nose shape that John Lennon had. People who have hooked or hawk type of shape always follow their own path and they are not influenced by masses. One of the significant things about personalities with these types is they are least worried about what other people think about their work and them. They are overly glad when they are in pursuit of their own aims or plans.

Nose Shapes Wavy Nose

Wavy type of nose shape is mainly resulted from deformities or injuries. Other than injury, this type can be as a result of genetics and it is often called the boxer or saddle. Owen Wilson has this type of nose. People with this type are measured to be fun-loving when it comes to their personalities.

Nose Shapes Flat Nose

Although nose shapes may have meanings but one interesting thing about flat nose type is these shapes are commonly seen among the African-American and the Asian people. Though the people who have flat nose are said to be very helpful, they are a little hot-tempered and one needs to be careful when dealing with them.

Opinion By Rahad Abir



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  1. shamsujzamanheera   December 22, 2015 at 4:34 am

    A woman with tough and determined nose, what really means?

  2. nik   November 27, 2014 at 11:35 pm

    You’ve spelled “geek nose” instead of “Greek”

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