Minimum Wage Bill Being Killed in United States Senate

senateDemocrats might be wearing black and dabbing tears from their eyes on Wednesday as the minimum wage bill is being killed in the United States Senate. The legislation would have raised the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. Republican opposition to the legislation seems strong enough to deliver a solid death-blow to the bill, which may have negative results for Democrats in the midterm elections later this year.

There are several reasons why conservatives in the senate are opposing the bill, and contrary to what Progressive Democrats would have the American people believe, none of them have anything to do with leaving  families facing economic hardships in a state of permanent struggle. The first and most important reason for striking down the minimum wage hike is the negative impact it will have on small businesses. These companies, often responsible for most of the job creation that happens in local communities, are already heavily taxed and are paying a number of fees plus wages in order to stay in business. If these companies are forced to pay a higher minimum wage, it will make it difficult to stay in business, so many will shut down, which will result in massive job loss. It is better to earn seven dollars an hour than to earn nothing.

Another reason that Republicans in the Senate will kill the minimum wage bill is because it actually causes more poverty. Progressives, in their desire to legislate society into a perfectly fair and balanced utopian society, are often blind to common sense, especially in economic matters. The whole reason people are calling for a hike in the minimum wage is because the cost of living has increased and people making seven dollars an hour can no longer afford the basic cost of  necessities. Progressives think the simple solution is to force employers to pay higher wages, but this does not address the real problem.

The real problem is the cost of living, and the cost of living continues to rise because inflation keeps decreasing the purchasing power of the dollar. When the government prints money, it increases the supply and lessens what the cash is worth, so manufacturers raise prices in order to obtain a profit and stay in business. The best solution to this issue is to stop printing money, cut government spending, and stay within the confines of a strict budget until the national debt is paid down.

This minimum wage hike also spells disaster for teenagers and other unskilled workers looking to gain experience by obtaining entry-level employment in the job market. A minimum wage law makes it nearly impossible for this group of individuals to find work, as businesses will not want to spend $10 an hour on an unskilled worker who might do the job incorrectly or simply be a terrible employee. The logical conclusion here is that since these individuals cannot take lower paying entry-level jobs, they cannot gain experience and skills needed to move up the ladder into better paying positions, forcing them to rely on government welfare since they will not be able to find work. Employers miss out on good workers, reducing their production and innovation, while those in desperate need of a paycheck are forced to take government handouts. In short, nobody wins with a minimum wage law.

The bill was nothing more than an attempt by the Democratic Party to win over low-income voters. According to a study performed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about six out of ten individuals currently in minimum wage jobs are women, which is a demographic that traditionally leans a bit to the left. Progressives will no doubt attempt to turn this opposition into another facet of the imaginary “war on women” with the hope of further driving a wedge between female voters and the GOP. Voters need to spend time researching this issue for themselves instead of listening to the rhetoric being spewed back and forth across the aisle. In reality, the minimum wage bill being killed in the United States Senate is a good thing, but conservatives need to step up to the plate and present alternative solutions that will help boost the economy for everyone in America.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell
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