Oprah Debuts Her Own Teavana Chai Tea at Starbucks and Teavana Stores

Oprah launches her own brand of  Teavana Chai Tea at Starbucks and Teavana Stores The new partnership between Oprah and Teavana came as a result of the two brands being naturally aligned because they both want to nurture and inspire the human spirit. Oprah describes her version of Chai tea by saying, “this is what tea should taste like.” It renders a bold new twist to the traditional chai tea flavor.

In 2012, while visiting in Mumbai Oprah had her first brush with real chai. She was sitting on the floor of a tiny 10-by-10 foot home when she was served a “memorable and incredible” cup of tea by a welcoming Indian family. Since that time Oprah said she has started her day off with a cup of tea which gives her time to stop and reflect on the day ahead. This routine sets the course for her day and starts it off right.

Oprah Chai Tea was personally developed by the mogul in close collaboration with the leading teaologist with Oprah Debuts Her Own Teavana Chai Tea at Starbucks and Teavana Stores Teavana. This version of Chai tea features a bold combination of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves and is blended with rooibos and loose-leaf black tea. It is a result of Oprah’s personal tea passion combined with the expertise of Teavana.

This launch is momentous for Teavana and Starbucks, according to the chairman, president and chief executive officer for Starbucks, Howard Schultz. He said they are honored to share Oprah’s tea with their customers. Schultz said he admires Ms. Winfrey; they share many of the same beliefs and core values. He believes in Oprah and her tea.

In conjunction with the new tea launch Starbucks is committed to making a donation for each of Teavana’s Oprah Chai Tea products sold. Their goal is to benefit educational opportunities for youth through the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation. This foundation supports Oprah’s Leadership Academy for Girls, National CARES Mentoring Movement, Girls Inc, U.S. Dream Academy and Pathways to College.

The Teavana brand is known worldwide. Their motto is to provide fresh and high quality teas along with the products to serve them. Teavana aims to create a unique tea experience for each visitor their store attracts by encouraging a healthy and positive outlook. They want to be recognized as a heaven of tea while offering their customers the wonderful tastes of tea and the overall tea lifestyle.

Teavana began with an idea that people would enjoy fresh high-quality tea in a place that was part Tea Emporium and part Tea Bar. Great tea works wonders and the delicious tastes and health benefits make tea the perfect alternative to other unhealthy options. Now this powerful brand has teamed up with another paramount brand, the mogul herself Ms. Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah was present at the Teavana Fine Tea Bar in New York today to sample a cup of her very own brand of tea. The self-confessed tea connoisseur was seen with Schultz as they raised their mugs together in a toast of celebration. Oprah’s Teavana Chai Tea can be found in Teavana and Starbuck stores across the United States and Canada. Congratulations Ms. Winfrey on another jewel to place in your crown of success.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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