Cameron Diaz and the Other Woman?

Cameron Diaz and the Other Woman?

In the most recent surprise of celebrity news actress Cameron Diaz has recently admitted that she has been with another woman. Yes, Cameron Diaz has played for the other side according to an interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and co-star of The Other Woman, Leslie Mann. Who was the other woman, exactly? Well while Diaz did not mention the specifics of the incident much gossip has been going around as to who the other woman really is.

According to sources the question asked by Cohen was sparked based on the recent interview that Diaz did with reporters of Glamour UK for its upcoming May issue. In the issue Diaz told the magazine that she thought woman were beautiful and that she felt that every woman had been attracted to another woman at some point in time. Though rumors about Diaz’s sexuality have come up before this was apparently the first time that she openly answered questions about her sexuality.

Though Diaz stated that she was not necessarily a lesbian and that she felt that title was just a definition or restraint put on people, she did say she had been with another woman. Though unlike Katy Perry, Diaz apparently does not kiss a girl and tell as she offered no more insight into the question stating, “You didn’t ask explicitly how I was with a lady…”

But to many the question asked by Andy Cohen about “swimming in the lady pond” was no surprise, not only because of Cameron’s previous comments on sexuality, but also because of her recent role in the newly released movie The Other Woman.
In the movie The Other Woman, released to theaters on April 25, Cameron Diaz’s character discovers that her boyfriend is married after visiting his home and meeting his wife. The two become unlikely friends only to discover that the husband also has a third affair going on with another hot blonde. The three woman characters (played by Diaz, Mann, and Kate Upton) bond together and work on getting revenge on the husband (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) while facing personal obstacles as well. Since the release the movie’s ads suggest for woman to get the girlfriend’s together and spend the night out watching a funny and heart-warming movie.

But the movie has also received some bad reviews since the trailer was released. Critics who first saw the trailer began writing that the movie was almost repetitive of other movies that had come out previously. One critic wrote that the movie seemed to copy the theme of movie The First Wives Club that was released in 1996, where three woman ban together to get revenge on their ex-husbands. Other critics say the movie copies the theme of John Tucker Must Die released in 2006 where three high school girls ban together seeking revenge on their boyfriend, who happens to be cheating on all three of them.

Though bad reviews are all a part of the business good reviews have come too. Some reviews have given the movie a positive spin based on the fact that the three actresses work so well together in the movie, making it heartwarming and Cameron Diaz surely adds to the movie The Other Woman by adding her usual spark as an actress. Now with the interview on Watch What Happens Live, Diaz is giving her usual spark off of the stage, as well.

Written By Crystal Boulware

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