Original ‘Star Wars’ Cast in London to Film Episode Seven?

star warsStar Wars fans across the globe are feeling a disturbance in the Force, as original cast members Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher have all been seen in London, at the exact same time, just as director J.J. Abrams is set to begin filming the first installment of a new trilogy in the mega-popular franchise. With all of the eye-witness accounts, and the rumor mill churning into overdrive on Twitter, one would think that Lucasfilm, now under the ownership of Disney, would release some casting news confirming or denying the rumors, but all is eerily silent.

Fans of the epic space opera have received tantalizing clues, both publicly and privately from the “Big Three” ever since the new Star Wars project was announced, but with nothing concrete, devotees to the way of the Jedi have been nervously chomping at their fingernails, with the only relief for their anxiety being an official statement announcing the original cast’s return in future installments. Harrison Ford, who made female fans across the galaxy swoon with his masculine portrayal of scruffy-looking space pirate Hans Solo, was photographed coming out of a popular London eatery and chatting with air ambulance pilots.

Add this to the recent Twitter picture of Mark Hamill, the Jedi Master himself, with actor Peter Serafinowicz, and the caption teasing the reason for Hamill’s presence in London, and the evidence something Star Wars related is going on seems pretty evident. The photo is clearly meant to stir fans into a frenzy, which the duo succeeded in doing after the picture was posted. As an interesting side note, Peter Serfainowicz voiced Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

Carrie Fisher is also guilty of dropping hints on her Twitter, mentioning that her dog has been seen out and about in London sans owner. So what is the little pooch’s mommy busy doing all day? Perhaps attempting to shimmy back into that infamous slave-girl outfit from Return of the Jedi or rolling her hair up int those classic Princess Leia buns that are the staple of cosplay girls attending comic conventions across the country. The odds that the original Star Wars cast is reuniting in London to film episode seven is definitely leaning in favor of the rumors being true.

The final tease comes from Alan Horn, a big wig at Disney, who announced last week that the cast for the new entries into the Star Wars saga was almost complete, and would be announced some time in the near future. It could be a coincidence that all three actors are in London at the same time, but that is a pretty unlikely scenario. This news should definitely excite both casual and die-hard fans of the franchise, as this means audiences will be reunited with the most legendary characters in sci-fi history for another exciting adventure in the stars.

These rumors come hot on the heels of recent news that director J.J. Abrams was not going to consult any of the extended universe material, consisting largely of novels, for story ideas for the new films. Instead, Abrams and the studio have decided that only the films are canon, and they will exist in a different universe than the novels. While some might be concerned by Abrams choice, it is obvious from his previous work that the Force is strong with him, and the films will more than likely honor their predecessors to the delight of fans from the deserts of Tattooine, to the Dagobah system and beyond.

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  1. Robin Poirier   April 29, 2014 at 12:31 am

    Paragraph 1 Carrie Fischer … Really… check the names Carrie FISHER

    • Michael Cantrell   April 29, 2014 at 11:55 am

      Thanks for the catch. I actually know how to spell her name, which I’m sure you noticed later on the article. Got to love those typos!


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