Paul Simon and Wife in a Domestic Discord



Legendary singer and musical icon, Paul Simon, and his wife, Edie Brickell, have not been enjoying marital harmony lately. The couple, in discord, made an appearance in a Connecticut court room on Monday following a Saturday night altercation that investigators called a domestic abuse incident. Both Simon and Brickell were cited with misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct.

Responding at 8:20 p.m. to a 911 call, police in New Canaan Connecticut descended on the home of 72-year-old Simon and his 47-year-old wife, in their affluent community located on the outskirts of New York City. There, authorities discovered evidence of physical violence and minor injuries. Simon and Brickell were both taken into custody and released Sunday morning with an order to appear before Judge William Wenzel on Monday.

While appearing in Norwalk Superior Court, the couple seemed to be singing a completely different tune. Trying to calm the bridge over their troubled waters, Simon and Brickell held hands and tried to downplay the incident, stating it was merely a couple’s quarrel. Edie Brickell told the Judge that she started the fight. Both vehemently denied any feelings of an imminent threat. Thus, Judge Wenzel opted not to issue any protective orders.  However, the judge scheduled the pair to make an appearance in court on May 16, to follow-up on the issue.

Paul Simon has been known as one half of the seminal musical duo Simon and Garfunkel. The iconic musical act started in the mid 1950’s. The team rocketed to prominence with their ability to influence a generation during the 1960’s flower power era.  Presently, they possess a vast catalog of socially conscious musical hit songs like The Sounds of Silence, Mrs. Robinson,  and Bridge Over Troubled Water among others.

Paul Simon was able to find success after Simon and Garfunkel broke up with a solo career that remains relevant today. Simon has a trophy case that showcases 12 Grammy Awards, including a 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Grammy committee which he shares with his old time musical partner, Art Garfunkel.

Married in 1992, Edie Brickell is Paul Simon’s third wife, and the couple have three children together. Simon was married previously to actress Carrie Fisher. A musician in her own right, Brickell was part of the folk rock band from the 1980’s Edie Brickell and New Bohemians. Brickell’s musical endeavors brought her success when her debut album peaked at number four on the Billboard 200 charts.

As the couple left the court greeted by an army of news cameras and photographers, Paul Simon and his wife, after getting so much attention over what they are considering much ado about nothing, want to  put the domestic discord behind them and move on. Paul Simon told reporters outside the court-house that his family and his marriage are very much in tact and humming along quite harmoniously. Apparently, the singer wanted to project a life of normalcy, as he carried on like the events of the past few days had never happened. According to reports, Simon said that he and his wife were on their way to their Son’s baseball game.

By Hal Banfield


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