Selena Gomez and Jenner Sisters Share Epiphanies: Which Is the Party Girl?

Selena Gomez Kylie Jenner Kendall Jenner

Oh, the telephone game never stops. After it was reported about a week ago that Selena Gomez had dumped new besties Kylie and Kendall Jenner after a budding, spontaneous Coachella friendship, the Jenner sisters have responded by saying they just as much called the palling-around off, because after a collective epiphany they realized Gomez was too much of a party girl for their taste.

Gomez had apparently caught Kylie Jenner, her new gal-pal, flirting with her old-flame, Justin Bieber, while goofing around at Coachella. Gomez sorta flipped out and stopped following her new friends, and everybody, on Instagram. She kinda all over checked out for a spell. But whatever did or did not happen between Kylie and Bieber, is of no current concern to Gomez, a source has told E! News. “All is good now,” the firey 21-year-old said. She claims when Kylie and her old beau got a little “flirty” with one another, she did get a bit jealous. However, now her and Kylie are “fine.”

After whatever exploits occurred while living the highlife a few weeks ago at Coachella, Gomez is reported as having come to an epiphany about the choices she is making. The source says Gomez has “decided to purge her life of negativity, the better to focus on positive people and influences.” E! has reported that Gomez referred to the Jenner sisters as a “toxic distraction,” and the newly-old-enough-to-drink-alcohol youngster claims they are encouraging her to be too much of a party girl. Selena Gomez Kylie Jenner Kendall Jenner

The comment seems as if it is a direct hit to the affairs and company Gomez developed while at the music festival, but according to Kylie and Kendall Jenner, they were the ones who came to the epiphany. A source close to the sisters claims it is the former rehab inhabitant Gomez, who is the one who is out of control. TMZ has reported that Kylie and Kendall “eschew drugs and alcohol” and they claim Gomez is the “drama-obsessed party girl,” making a point to emphasize the fact Gomez is the one who has been to rehab, not them.

So, even if Selena and Kylie are now “fine,” according to the half-sisters of the Kardashians, their epiphany is that they feel like they are much better off without the drama queen. Ouch. Those sisters can be a real prickly pair.

After the diss, the sullen Gomez does not even have a tall, handsome shoulder to cry on, because rumors of her and The Lord of the Rings elf, Orlando Bloom, dating were also a complete media gossip train. The two happen to be represented by the same manager and were part of a dinner outing in a larger group that gathered to see Chelsea Handler’s standup gig.

Whether or not the trio can pick up the pieces and once again traipse around linked arm-in-arm like the new millennium’s re-imagined Three Musketeers may not really matter in the long run. It is not as if either party needs additional star power. True friends, however, may be a dime a dozen, which may be another epiphany down the road for Gomez and the Jenners.

Opinion by Stacy Feder

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