People Can Grab a Coffee With Cats at Cat Cafes [Video]

People Can Grab a Coffee With Cats at Cat Cafes

Cats are comforting humans at cafes in Japan, Europe and now the United States. In London, people can pet cats and grab a drink at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium for a price. The cafe charges $8.50 a person to spend two hours with the cats. The cafe opened in March and used an online booking system to get visitors. The system got over 3,000 bookings within the first couple hours and crashed as a result of the bookings. The emporium has 11 cats that they have adopted from owners who could no longer care for them or were not able to take them out of the country. Another cat cafe is found in Paris and is called Cafe Des Chats. The cafe allows patrons to stroke over a dozen cats while enjoying coffee and says that the vibration from the purring can help people with arthritis. Europe is not the only location with cat cafes.

Japan opened its own feline coffee spot called Nekorobi and gives patrons the freedom to engage in various activities while they grab a drink with the cats. At the cafe, they can play board games, read a book, play video games on the Wii, and, of course, use the cat toys to play with the animals The cafe charges $9.79 for the first hour and $11.74 on holidays as well as weekends. Visitors can also pay a little more to spend three hours with the felines. The cafe also comes with some rules. Patrons are first instructed to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer before entering the cafe. They are also told to lock up their belongings in a locker and swap their footwear for slippers. People can also find two cat cafes in sunny California.

cats In the San Francisco Bay area, two cat cafes are hoping to open to excited residents soon. The first cafe, called KitTea, is home to adoptable cats they acquired from two local shelters. The founders may not have found a location yet but would like to provide residents with an alternative to the loud, busy coffee shop. Courtney Hatt, one of the founders of KitTea, said that what drew her to the idea was the idea of a space that could be relaxing and did not have the frantic energy of a coffee shop. She also said if the place can be successful, people will most likely follow her idea and that it is going to be very big. The other location, Cat Town Cafe, is part of the shelter, Cat Town. The cafe is focused on cat adoptions and allows visitors to play with the cats for free.

These cafes give visitors the opportunity to grab a coffee while playing with cats. In Europe people can visit cats at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London and Cafe Des Chats in Paris. The London cafe is set up like a normal cafe that is filled with cats. Nekorobi gives customers the chance to sit with cats while also engaging in activities such as playing Wii or reading a book. In San Francisco, two cat cafes use adoption to fuel their locations. KitTea gets their cats from a local adoption center and Cat Town Cafe focuses their location on adopting cats.

By Jordan Bonte

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