PlayStation 4 Not Putting PS3 on Bargain Rack Yet

PlayStationWhile the Sony PlayStation 4 may have released just before the holidays last year, it has yet to put the PS3 console on the bargain rack and may not for some time. Yes, the PlayStation 3 may have been reduced about thirty percent in retail prices for new consoles but used consoles and games are still about the same price they were before the PlayStation 4 stepped onto the market.

In America, it has almost become a tradition to wait for new and improved technology to make the slightly less up-to-date device drop significantly in price, then buy yesterday’s systems of tomorrow at fire-sale prices. This practice is, perhaps, most common when consumers consider purchasing a new smart phone for example.

Several shoppers who have gone into gaming stores lately, hoping to buy titles like Grand Theft Auto V for the price of the plastic it is pressed on, have left the store disappointed. Most used versions of the title are still only five to ten dollars off the price of brand new, unopened games, which are still about sixty dollars. Many of the most popular PS3 titles on bargain racks are posting similar prices, mainly because PlayStation 4 sales have not peaked, and those titles are still experiencing high turnover rates, putting many gamers in a relative holding pattern.

“A lot of people are trading in and trading up but there are a lot of people still buying new PlayStation 3 consoles,” said one manager at a popular gaming store. “Some people are just buying a new PS4 and setting it next to their old PS3.”

One thing to consider is that the PlayStation 4 is not backward compatible, meaning it will not play the old PlayStation titles like the PS3 did. Many gamers simply like to keep their old favorites and continue playing them.

Several shoppers who have gone into gaming stores lately, hoping to buy titles like Grand Theft Auto V for the price of the plastic it is pressed on, have left the store disappointed

The PlayStation 4 has yet to see many titles released, also. Game makers anticipate over 100 titles will be released in 2014 alone. It stands to reason that until most of those titles are released, there will not be many used PS4 titles being turned in. For stores like GameStop, used titles are the life-blood of the store, so significantly marking down the most popular used titles still on the market would be a costly business move until used sales of PlayStation 4 games begins in earnest.

Many gamers are also still choosing to have broken-down PS3 systems repaired, which can only indicate that they will either not be purchasing a PlayStation 4 any time soon or that they will, at least, be keeping their old console.

As of yet no rumor exists of the PlayStation Network closing down to the PS3 and Sony continues to release PlayStation Plus titles over the network, which works across all PlayStation consoles, indicating they anticipate continued use of the system on their network. Most gamers that are leery of this are the more casual gamers who feel they will have to scrap the PlayStation 3 they purchased as recently as a year ago and shell out another $400 dollars to continue gaming. The PlayStation 4 certainly will not kill off the PS3 entirely for some time but, unfortunately, for those seeking super-cheap games, it has not yet put PS3 titles at the bottom of the bargain rack, either.

By Joseph Porter



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