Politicians: The New World

PoliticiansHow does one define politicians these days? Is there trust, respect for them, or belief in them for that matter? There was a day when a person could trust that a politician was not trying to pull the wool over their eyes. Those days are long gone and now there is a new breed. A politician, even after caught, will continue with their own lies. It is the new politician, the new world in which society must live in.

When a politician said they wanted to get something done, they did their best to accomplish whatever that may be, and if they failed, they accepted defeat with honesty, integrity and honor. Understanding that there are checks and balances, so no one man can make changes that others, the majority, do not want. So if a policy was unpopular, even if it was liked by some, the chances were that it would not pass. The key is that the politician made the effort and took the chance, even if it meant possibly losing their seat on the next election cycle.

People had respect and felt as though the politician would honor their intent. They had been elected for a reason and the expectation is, and has always been, that this person would follow through. Not that long ago, this was the standard for a politician but today a new world order has come about. Even if they had one goal to meet, they went after it with vigor and did not allow their personal aspirations become the driving force of their itinerary.

Politicians have been corrupt and dishonest for quite some time, even though they are good at pulling the wool over on the public. The problem here is that they are so brazen about it these days. Those elected officials ran on fundamentally changing the country; what exactly was so wrong with the United States?

What ever happened to the days when they kept their lies under wraps? Not that this is what anyone wants. Whatever happened to when they were caught red-handed it was time to fess up? Maybe because of the access to the internet today, it just seems more in the face of the public. Don’t they know they are on video when they say something? So why do they pretend like they never said anything about a particular subject, or that they had not taken a stand that is completely opposite of what they are taking now? Here is an example of the hypocrisy that engulfs the world of politics today. During the Presidency of George W. Bush, the Republican Party threatened on numerous occasions to end the nuclear option. The nuclear option is when a politician filibusters to force a vote that would be more than just 51 votes. Democrats were in an uproar about this, calling it UN-American. Then Senator Barrack Obama was part of the uproar and clearly made mimicked the statement made by many democrats. Now the shoe is on the other foot and those same Senators, Democrats, now say it would be UN-American to not have ended the 200 year old nuclear option. So what is it? Which way is it? It comes down to what is convenient for that particular party at the time. This is how politics works, a new world order for the politician of today. It gets tiring watching the garbage that goes on in Washington D. C.

What makes it so hard to just be honest with the American people? Do they see the public as subordinates? What makes these politicians think they are untouchable? The people are the ones who put them into office; they can vote them out, plain and simple. The next month could be spent talking about all the lies and deceit the American public has had to experience in the last year. Singling out each lie from these politicians would take months, and that is just from the last week. The point is that there is a new kind of politician. It seems they have all gone to the same school of dishonesty. Call it what it is. Is there even one completely honest politician left serving today? This has to stop!

What needs to be done to stop it? The citizens of the United States of America need to put the privilege of voting to good use. Study the candidates, research them, and question them as much as possible. It is time to make educated choices about those whom will serve and run the United States. Is there any decision more important to its citizens than the future for their country? What about the children that will inherit the decisions made by these politicians?

Continuing down this path can only cause history to see the generation of today as the ones who tore the United States from all its glory, to leave a desolate shell of what the United States once was. Citizens are losing freedoms at an alarming rate. Of course the politicians are telling a different story, one that suggests they are securing the freedoms of the public. Choice is a freedom and that is exactly the target they have right now, personal choice. With all the laws and regulations an instruction manual is necessary to walk outside of a home. Regulation after regulation, law after law, they are choking the life out of the freedom that was fought so hard for in the past. It almost appears like they feel obligated to come up with more laws and regulations. The politicians were sent to Washington to protect the freedoms of those who elected them, not to restrict those freedoms every chance they got. Protection of the average American is no longer happening, but boy they will protect their own freedoms at the drop of a hat. How many times have they made laws and regulations and then exempted themselves from those same laws and regulations?

This can no longer be stood for; this new kind of politician. Each citizen is going to have to do their part to bring back some sanity to Washington. It is time to get out and vote. Before a vote, getting to know the candidates is a top priority. Don’t take one person’s word for it, one news station’s, or one newspaper’s. Look around, research them, and find out if they really stand on principal or if they even stand for anything at all. It is time to be picky about those who get voted into office. If this isn’t a priority, expect more of the same. It is time to take the decisions from the politicians and let them know how serious the average citizen is. Maybe it is time to clean house. Get rid of them all and start fresh. Nothing but dishonesty and deception seems to be oozing from Washington. Don’t let the new breed, the new world of politicians, be the last chance to really make a choice. It could very well happen that the new politician of the world today finally takes the last of the public’s freedom.  It is time they knew that they work for the Citizens of the United States of America, not the other way around. Call or email the legislature, let them hear the voice of those who want more, expect more, demand more. Go to www.USA.gov to find the state elected official, and let them know that if they don’t want to hear the voice of its citizen, then the public will be finding someone who does. It is time to take back America, so the citizens need to make Washington work for them again.

Opinion by Jabar Morarend

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One Response to "Politicians: The New World"

  1. Greg   August 8, 2014 at 11:32 am

    The power of what vote? Choosing between the lesser of two evils? Until we completely eliminate PACs, we will not have a true choice in this country! Big money is running this country and bleeding it dry! They are the Puppeteers of our politicians, many of whom come from the field of law. Make law so confusing that only those in the society are able to understand it. Shakespeare said it best!

    The problem is too many are suckling off the govt teet. I’m not referring only to those on welfare programs, but those that make an insane living from govt contracts, such as the Haliburtons and Bechtels…just look at the amount of $ that vaporized during the Irac war alone. Hundreds of millions in CASH with no accountability and NO idea where it went!

    Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves. Career politicians making 5 to 10 times what the average American makes and doing absolutely nothing for their compensation. NOTHING! Except voting themselves consistent raises…..the one thing both sides can unanimously agree on. Gone are the days where a farmer, or other PRODUCTIVE member of society (lawyers, career politicians, insurance cos are all usurpers) left their homestead and REPRESENTED the will of their constituents. We are only given choices of those with the deepest pockets.

    So…..until we cut the purse strings and level the playing field, mandate a term of no more than 8 yrs in ANY political office, govt WILL remain wrought with fraud, deception, and cronyism!


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