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Republican Vance McAllister May Kiss His Career Goodbye


Louisiana Republican, Rep. Vance McAllister, is being urged by his colleagues to resign from his political career after a video of him kissing a staff member revealed to be more than just a goodbye kiss.  The surveillance video which revealed the married congressman kissing a female staffer in his office was released by a local news source. The staff member is no longer a part of McAllister’s payroll.

“Extreme hypocrisy” and “breach of trust” were the words used by Louisiana’s GOP as they insist on McAllister’s resignation on Thursday.  Chairman of the Louisiana GOP, Roger Villere Jr., states that McAllister is a not only an embarrassment to the Republican Party, but also to the state and Congress, itself. Villere calls for the resignation of McAllister with the request that he puts the interest of the nation, state and Republican Party above his own.  Mr. McAllister’s hypocritical behavior is why ordinary people are tired of politics, Villere commented.

McAllister stated earlier this week that he has no intentions to resign, unless there are outcries for him not to serve, and that he received major support for him to keep his seat. The Republican stated that he has asked God, his wife, 5 children and his constituents to forgive him over the scandalous kiss which may force him to say goodbye to his career.

House Speaker, Republican John Boehner (Ohio) made no comments about McAllister’s resignation, but did imply that he expects all members to uphold the highest standards. Democrat Robert Johnson, who was defeated by McAllister in 2012, called the Republican’s behavior an “embarrassment”, and insists on his resignation. In an interview, held on Wednesday, Johnson expressed interest in running for the Republican’s seat.

Former Republican Rep. Rodney Alexander, who previously held McAllister’s position before he resigned, commented that he may consider running for the seat again. “Nothing is off the table,”  Alexander commented to the Monroe News Star. Ironically, McAllister, the first term Republican, campaigned on good conservative Christian values and on being a family man who was endorsed by Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson. McAllister’s fellow conservative Christian values man, Robertson, asked him to be his company at the attendance of the State of the Union Address.

McAllister’s kissing scandal may cause him his re-election which is set for this year. An analysis held by The Washington Post revealed that only 39 percent of elected officials won reelection after they have been involved in scandals such as affairs, sexual harassment or prostitution. Others chose not to run or simply resigned. The analysis also concluded that unlike Republicans, Democrats are 53 percent more likely to be reelected post scandal. Republicans have a 29 percent likelihood of reelection after a scandal.

Since 2000, Republicans have been involved in 11 of 15 sexually related incidents or scandals. Some Republicans do more than just simply kiss their careers goodbye. In 2007, Senator Larry Craig pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct charge after an arrest at St. Paul International Airport. The Republican senator was blamed for lewd behavior with an undercover police officer in a men’s restroom, he later resigned.

By Humphrey Bennett

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