Russia and Iran End Times War


The battle wheels are turning in Russia and the world sits unaware of the possibilities of an end times war between a middle eastern alliance with Russia, including modern day Iran and Israel. In fact, according to Omega, a Christian website dedicated to end times prediction, the Ukraine is mentioned specifically. In the Bible, Ukraine is identified as Rosh. The Bible says that man should beware of the predictions based on Gog, in the land of Magog, who is prince of Rosh, Tubal and Meshech, in the chapter of Ezekiel verse 38:2

The word Rosh is very similar to the original name for Ukraine, Rus (its exact pronunciation is debatable). Not only does the Bible predict a Russian alliance with Ukraine but also with Meshech and Tubal which includes many of the former Russian nations. Gog is the chief prince of Magog or Russia. According to the website Tracking Bible Prophesy, the chief prince may not be the leader of Russia but rather an official high up in the government who is led by a demonic spirit in order to take over the world.

The most recent attempt by Russia to invade and occupy Ukraine is not the only sign that Russia would like to take back its former territories. According to Tracking Bible Prophesy, the 2008 invasion of Georgia by Russia was significant. This attempt to reintegrate South Ossetia in Georgia was evidence of a desire to possibly reunite the old Russian Empire.

So it would the war with Gog and Magog has been a long time in the making as Russia would like to accomplish taking over and ruling of all its old territories. However it is a bit disconcerting that the Bible predicted a Russian take over of its old territory while the world watches as Ukraine is possibly being reintegrated into Russia.

The Bible allegedly predicted an end times war between Russia (Magog), Lybia (Put), Iran (Persia), Former Soviet States (Mechech and Tubal), Turkey (Togarmiah), Eastern Europe, (Gomer), Sudan (Cush), and  Israel. This war would be followed by a rapture in which all the Christians of the world would ascend into heaven. Finally the world will see a period of tribulation in which it would be subject to famine, flood, pestilence and disease for many years.

There seems to be evidence that some of the teachings in the Bible have come true. The climate change and disease that is being experienced as well as the emergence of a  Israel, a free Jewish state are both predicted in the Bible in the end times. Time will tell if the rest of the scriptures prove to be accurate.

Are these prophesies hog wash or should they be examined scientifically? The world should not sit uninterested or in disbelief of these predictions due to a difference in belief. Regardless of one’s faith, predictions that have some merit should be heeded. It might be prudent for the United States and other countries to study them as part of their military strategies. There are many clues that are outlined in the Bible that predict an end times war between Russia, Iran and Israel. Perhaps they could shed some light on future events in the world.

Opinion by: Nicole Drawc


Omega Shock

Tracking Bible Prophesy

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