Selena Gomez Tells Bieber to ‘Come and Get It’

Selena Gomez

Come and Get It, one of Selena Gomez’s latest hits, according to Hollywood Life, does not refer to Bieber. That was last year though when she said it, perhaps the truth is out now and she really was telling Bieber to come back and get it when he was ready. This would not be the first time she lied about the relationship. According to POPSUGAR, Ellen DeGeneres called her out in an interview for lying to her. Apparently Selena told Ellen that she and The Biebs were not dating and that Justin was “like her little brother.”

Perhaps Bieber is finally ready to come & get it as the couple reunites and forgives past transgressions. The two had a nasty fight back in January with some pretty mean words exchanged in messages. According to an article in The Metro, Dr Sherri Campbell a psychologist and author of Loving Yourself, says the two are in a toxic relationship. Apparently Selena plays the passive good girl, always taking him back, even when he does not deserve it.

Nevertheless, they are apparently back together and according to an article in International Business Times, the real reason that Selena bought a place in Calabasas is that she wants Justin to move in with her. She is also reportedly wearing a ring. This does not mean she is engaged, she could be wearing a promise ring but Selena Gomez has definitely told Bieber to come and get it.

They are far too young to get engaged and this relationship could turn even more toxic than it already is if they do. Unless Bieber grows up and starts behaving, Selena could be in for many more heart breaks. He obviously feels a lot of power in the relationship. The Biebs has too much money and too much power, he needs to be brought back down before Selena and him attempt a relationship.

The fact that Selena Gomez was recently in rehab spending time working on herself proves that she is prone to being too passive. According to Hello Magazine, she was told how to dress, what to say and how to act by her managers. It got to the point where she couldn’t think for herself and she had to take time to work on her sense of self. Apparently some of the people surrounding her were giving her good advice and others were not.

Does she think that Justin will be a good influence on her and is this the way she wants to work on herself? Perhaps she would be better off spending some time on her own, working on her sense of self and gaining more healthy independence. She is young though and fallible, as the rest of humankind, so hopefully she will learn from her actions and become a more stable role model for young girls.

It seems likely that Selena Gomez’s song Come and Get It was about Bieber and that she truly was still attached to him when she told him to come get some love. Even if the song was not intended for him, it seems obvious now that she would have thought of him singing it. Unfortunately, Selena would be better off singing something more like, “get lost” than “come and get it.”

Opinion by Nicole Drawc

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