Separation of Church & State and the Fall of the United States

separationSeparation of church and state, shows how far the United States has fallen from  where this country first started. The United States is in shambles. It is a far cry from where the founding fathers have come from. Pick up a news paper or magazine and what usually takes up the headlines? Killings, divorce, suicide bombings, and celebrity gossip. Basically meaning, trash and disappointment. So what gets pushed to the back in fine print so small that it would take using a magnifying glass just to read the by-line? Anything and everything that pertains to wholesomeness and goodness.

Why? Because people have fallen for a lie, and fallen hard. At one point in time the people of the United States could freely and openly say” In God We Trust!” Now, it’s almost a crime punishable by death if God’s name is mentioned, someone saying a prayer or the bible is read in front of some organization or people. It’s all because of a simple little phrase that has been misinterpreted and misunderstood: the wall of separation of church and state. In today’s society, this is so misquoted and is taken out of context and used to get certain topics or items changed, that most people in America do not realize that the phrase separation of church and state is not found in the constitution.

The whole idea of the separation of church and state come from a letter from Thomas Jefferson, our third president to the Danbury Baptist Association in which Jefferson wanted to ensure that the Federal government would not get involved in matters of religion that was to be between the state itself and the church. The whole idea of the separation of church and state really began in the late 1940’s when congress picked up the metaphor and attempted to construct a constitutional principle. This is where the ACLU has run a muck in trying to take away most, if not all the things that pertain to Christianity because they have bought into the lie of what congress enacted  hook, line, and stinker. Mathew D. St aver said, What we must realize about the 1st Amendment, is that it prohibited the federal congress for enacting any law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Meaning neither the President and Congress had no authority in matters of religion.

The wall of separation of church and state as understood by Jefferson was never meant to exclude people of faith from influencing and shaping government. Yet today someone says, The 10 Commandments can not be displayed in a government type building because of separation of church and state. Another cries, that the nativity scene must be taken down because of separation of church and state. Still another says, bible reading and prayer are unconstitutional and must be removed and stopped. Again because of how separation of church and state has been wrongly misinterpreted. Since 1947 when congress enacted this erroneous law, in 1962, bible reading and school prayer were removed. Since then, the following consequences have taken place.

1. Birthrates for unwed girls ages 15-19 up 553 percent
2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Up 225 percent
3. Premarital sex: Up 271 percent
4. Teen Pregnancy: Up 553 percent
5. Divorce: Up 117 percent
6. Moral Decline: Skyrocketed.
7. Single family Parents: Up 140 percent
8. Unmarried Couples: Up 536 percent
9. Violent Crime: Up 794 percent

Before 1962, it seemed the only thing parents and teachers had to be concerned with was chewing gum and talking in class. My how the country has fallen! From the founding fathers proclaiming,” In God We Trust”, it is now politically incorrect, or at least morally wrong to even mention God’s name without someone becoming offended, unless of course they were using God’s name in the context of swearing. Here is a question worth contemplating, would the ACLU cry foul if someone cursed using Allah’s name? Of course . . . .Not! Why then is it OK for them to take away everything sacred the United States was founded upon? Why are they not attacking other religions with as much tenacity and animosity?

The answer lies in John 3:19 which says, “This is the verdict. Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light as their deeds were evil.” Since the fall of Adam and Eve, mankind has been trying to find a way to keep God out of their lives so that they can live the way they want without any feeling of remorse or need to make restitution. The founding father’s solely trusted in God and knew that if God was ever pushed out, society would unravel. Romans 1:26-31 is pretty cut and dry to prove this point. Is there any hope for America? Can the United States go back to saying  “In God We Trust.” The answer is yes and lies within the following scripture: 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” Since separation of church and state, the United States has fallen far from their trust in God. Yet hope remains and can never be shaken from those who have placed their faith and trust in God.

Commentary by John Thomas


New International Bible (Printed)
Matthew D Staver

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