Sony Corporation to Test 4K Coverage at 2014 FIFA World Cup

Sony CorporationSony Corporation will work together with FIFA at the 2014 FIFA World Cup to test coverage in the lasted 4K Ultra HD technology. The footage recorded will be used as promotional tools to showcase the new 4K Ultra HD television and monitor resolution after the event. Sony plans to further expand 4K content in the upcoming year and is using the FIFA World Cup as a way to display the start of it to the world.

Three games, including the final game, will be filmed in 4K Ultra HD. The Sony Corporation will then use that footage towards an Official FIFA film. The film will be released online through FIFA. Shorter presentations will be sent to electronic stores around the world to display on 4K televisions and monitors. At the event, Sony will have booths set up so that fans can view other 4K presentations. Sony’s presence at the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be for promotion as well as a way to test filming sports in 4K Ultra HD.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be the testing ground for Sony Corporation products. Sony released a list of the products they plan to test on the field while filming. Those products include the Sony “PMW-F55” CineAlta 4K Digital Cinema Camera, the Sony “PVMX300” 30-inch 4K TRIMASTER™ LCD professional monitor, the Sony “PWS4400” Multi Port AV Storage Unit, and the Sony “MVS7000X” Multi- Format Production Switcher Processor. That list of the latest Sony technology is about to make television and sports as close to true-life as possible. The Sony products on the list can be purchased through premium sound and video stores.

Viewers at home will not notice any difference while watching the coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The footage is meant as a testing ground for future Sony 4K content. Television stations such as the BBC are still testing and looking forward to the higher resolution and frame rate possibilities. It will not be long before viewers at home get to see their favorite sports and television shows at 4K Ultra HD.

Current resolutions offer sharp images and vivid color when viewing at 1080p. Delivering content at 4K further improves on presentation of television content. A higher resolution can reveal details that viewers may not realize they are missing. Clearly seeing player’s expressions can bring further emotion to matches. A sharper image can also mean seeing further into the background than what viewers are used to. Now fans in the stands can look as clear as the close-ups of the players on the field. Even small details such as grass will bring an astonishing realism to television.

With all new technology, there is no forward movement without content. The Sony Corporation and FIFA working together to test coverage of the 2014 World Cup in 4K Ultra HD makes perfect sense. The coverage of the world’s most beloved sport can usher fans into the 4K craze. Sony as a brand, as well as their new technology will be able to reach audiences worldwide. Just as HD television took over the Standard Definition television sets, 4K Ultra HD is looking as though it will become the new standard. The 2014 World Cup is a great place to start letting viewers that the next generation of television has arrived.

By Raul Hernandez


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