Sony Evolution UI the Smartphone for Dummies


For the first time in Android history, Sony has quite possibly created the first smart phone for dummies. Not exactly, the Evolution UI is not a smart phone but a launcher that would be pre-installed on the phone. This specific technology would teach a novice how to use a smart phone, by introducing the feathers step-by-step. The Evolution UI is configured like a game in order to ensure that the learning process enjoyable. Therefore, a beginner can progress into a professional user with a little time, patience, and consistency.

The Evolution UI has four levels the user must move through in order to gain access to different functions of the phone: beginner, easy, medium, and advanced. When the smart phone is powered ‘on’ there are initially only four basic app available: dialer, camera, SMS and the browser. The trick to unlocking the apps at the beginners’ level is to open 5 pre-populated apps on the home screen. Doing so will give the user the reward of gaining access to the app drawer. Once in the app drawer, move 5 apps from the app drawer to the home screen. Doing so will allow the phone to have multiple screens. For each accomplishment, there comes virtual rewards and additional features. These various tasks continue on until the user has eventually completed all the levels. Once every level has been tackled, all the phones features are accessible.

Though, this is still in its testing phases, if it were released today, it would be successful, because it already meets a need. Most smartphone companies just provide a paper manual or offer a downloadable pdf. It is common knowledge that most customers do not really read the whole book and they just skip around to specific sections. The Sony Evolution UI gives every user an interactive tutorial. It forces everyone to learn how to use everything, so the user can get the optimal use out of his or her Android.

This gamified launcher stands to revolutionize the smartphone industry, if it indeed hits the market. At present, there is no phone that teaches how to use it. The smartest Samsung will not walk a user through all these futuristic functions it has. If an older person upgrades to a Samsung S5 chances are two things will happen. That older person will either take the phone back, or bug the youngest person they can find about every single feature. Nine times out of ten, there will be something about that phone that even the most tech savvy person will not know. Then that older person gets referred to tech support or a digital manual.

In a digital age, there is always a more particle way of accomplishing things. The best part about this launcher is that it is being improved everyday. Sony uploaded the Evolution UI to GitHub, which is an open source community for developers. GitHub enables fellow users to share their code to other users and allow them to edit or contribute to projects independently or simultaneously. With additional input from many bright minds around the world, the Sony Evolution UI is sure to boost the common smart phones IQ.

By Schelett Rickenbacker
[email protected]

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    The iPhone is the smartphone for dummies.


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