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SpaceX could be the next space station in America, as the launch of the reusable rocket Grasshooper’s launch was successful last month, WacoTrib says. SpaceX did numerous tests to provide such a launch. The CEO of the company Elon Musk hopes that in the future, rockets along with the cars will be reusable and no gas will be needed. WacoTrib states that there will be a future test in New Mexico, which is yet to be scheduled for test flights of the Falcon9R at higher altitudes. The rockets should be able to land and be reused for another launch.

The Examiner says that SpaceX plans on building ports for private and commercial launches in space. However, a lot of delays are happening in front of Elon Musk’s eyes, as government officials need to approve his work. Musk is waiting for the approval papers for environmental impact statements. The Examiner says that it could take up to five years, and Musk’s push for the next launch on April 14 may not happen.

But an opinion by an astrophysicist Katrina Magno who has worked on some NASA programs, said that NASA is cutting back on many government programs due to money. Magno adds that in the meantime, Elon Musk’s rockets Falcon9 and Dragon are exceptional for the role they are playing in the market, for history of efficiency and innovation. The design of the craft, as mentioned, is exceptional, even though the rocket is not meant to transport crew. Magno describes the rockets as being two-staged, with a 9 Merlin engine octaweb that can produce a power more a normal engine. The Falcon9 uses the pneumatic system as opposed to the traditional pyrotechnic method, which allows more control of the rocket. The rockets innovative for the fact that the second stage engines can restart themselves periodically.

The SpaceX project includes not only private workers, but NASA engineers as well, according to the PC Magazine. SpaceX are doing numerous tests for the rockets to be able to support crew. The SpaceX Falcon9, as stated on their website, is a little lengthier than a bus. The Falcon Heavy, however, has the design of the Falcon9, but it is much heavier, and more than twice as heavy than the space shuttles. The SpaceX site states that this is the most powerful rocket ever built, and the only one with more powerload was Saturn V launched in 1973. The Dragon part of the rocket is like a capsule where the spacecraft should be centered. SpaceX, according to their website, expect to have their first test launch in 2.3 years.

It is the ultimate goal for Elon Musk to return humans in space and colonize Mars. Musk sold Paypal to Ebay, spent years of time building his Tesla cars and rocket tests going penniless sometimes, and thinking that his businesses might be a failure, as he stated on the show 60 Minutes. SpaceX could be the next space station in America in the near future, where not only the government has access, but for every person who wishes to travel in space.

by Marija Makeska


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17 thoughts on “SpaceX Could Be the Next Space Station

  1. So many things wrong here. This author does not have a good understanding of space, let alone what is happening in private space.

    SpaceX will NOT be the next Space Station. They are working on developing cheap launchers, not space stations.
    OTOH, Bigelow Aerospace IS building an inexpensive space station.

      1. What dou base that on? They already have 2 stations up there that have been up there for 8 and 6 years.
        So, why would u think that they will NOT make it esp. considering that they will launch another unit to attach to the ISS early next year?

        1. They are years behind in development and none of their units has been proven suitable for human habitation. I don’t know what kind of test data they are getting or what they are doing with it, but as far as I have seen, it doesn’t include living organisms.

  2. After reading all these comments, I decided to look up Marija Makeska with a search engine. Apparently, she is a creative writer, mostly in films. I could not find any science education or training in her background. She apparently is skilled in various computer applications. Perhaps we could get together some time and have lunch?

  3. I was wondering, Is it just me? I’m glad to see from the universal head-scratching that I’m not alone. However, I have to ask, is this mooshed together from various sources by some computer software? It certainly doesn’t sound like a person who thinks and takes a moment to re-read what he/she has written.

  4. Honestly the worst article I have ever read.Blatant misinformation. Attempts to sensationalize complete nonsense. Author fundamentally does not understand the material, company involved or current status, has done no background follow up, and uses the examiner as a source. seriously? anyone involved in allowing this misinformation to go out as news should be fired. being an inclusive news source does not mean you should allow misinformation and contribute to anti-intellectualism.

  5. I’m fine with sources that aren’t particularly skilled at English. Not everyone speaks it and with news sources from non-English speaking nations gaining international popularity, this will continue to be the case.

    All that said, the author is incorrect on nearly every detail. And grammar aside, if all of your facts are incorrect, it would have been better if the article hadn’t been written at all. Bad information is not better than no information.

  6. I’m only guessing, but I suspect that past credits for this writer probably don’t include a Pulitzer prize.

  7. Looks like we need to change STEM to STEEM Science Tech Eng ENGLISH! Math. Not only are the word wrong but the content is total rubbish. I was surprised that it didn’t say sent from my iphone at the end.

  8. This is the worst piece of journalism I have run across in recent memory. Almost every sentence is either inaccurate, misleading or grammatically horrible. After reading about your writers boot camp, I have a pretty clear idea where you set the bar and am shocked that 80% of the applicants are worse than Marija Makeska.

  9. That article was… fantastic. I can’t decide if this is the worst story about SpaceX I’ve ever read, or the best.

  10. “SpaceX Could Be the Next Space Station” – this is probably the worst article I’ve ever read about SpaceX. The author clearly does not understand what he/she is writing about.

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