Stacy Keibler Posed Nude While Married and Pregnant UPDATE

Stacy Keibler Posed Nude While Married and PregnantStacy Keibler Posed Nude While Married and PregnantThere are many beautiful people in the world. The most famous of the bunch get to be in People magazine bearing their souls and secrets of their private lives. The May 5 issue of People is now on news stands, featuring 50 of the world’s most beautiful people with a select few captured in their birthday suits. Stacy Keibler, well known as one of George Clooney’s exes, joins Pink, Laura Prepon, Dania Ramirez and Rachel Leigh Cook in the nude photo shoot. Keibler posed nude while married and pregnant, looking quite lovely and natural.

The magazine named Lupito Nyong’o of 12 Years A Slave as the leading lady of the their most beautiful in a seven page spread. The special issue also included celebrity beauties wearing gowns, short fashions and swimsuits. Along with the usual line-up, such stars as Jennifer Anniston, Julia Roberts, Ellen Pompeo and Kate Hudson made the cut.  The natural beauties in all their glory went beyond the typical fare of the expected as People magazine is slowly crossing into more adventurous projects.

Tastefully done in black and white, the nude photos are not overly revealing and serve to focus on the confidence of women at the magical age of 34. A recent study has shown that women at that age are comfortable in their own skin and feel good about their bodies. Keibler is no stranger to posing nude, as many of her naked pictures can be easily found doing a simple internet search. More startling is the fact that Keibler is now married, pregnant and nearly 35. Still, she exudes a feminine aura of confidence at any age or status.

Keibler has been a natural talent, ambitious and successful most all of her life. Never shying away from the spotlight, she began dance lessons at age three. She went on to be a cheerleader and model as she eventually landed a major gig with the World Championship Wrestling as a member of the Nitro Girls. Keibler continued her career with the WCW for many years and was the famed Miss Hancock working closely with and often dating many pro wrestlers. One of her many nicknames was ‘Super Stacy’ at the time.

The long legged beauty with a thin frame stands at five foot eleven inches, usually taller than her leading men, has caught the eye of fans, directors and producers alike. Keibler has appeared in numerous TV shows over the years and was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars in season two. Earning applause and kudos from the audience, Keibler was quickly dubbed ‘The Weapon of Mass Seduction’. The sexy young starlet also caught the eye of actor George Clooney. The pair became a celebrity item for over two years.

For various reasons undisclosed, Clooney and Keibler split up in 2013. Keibler soon became serious with another longtime friend, as love blossomed with technology businessman Jared Pobre. Keibler and Pobre married in mid-March of 2014. The families of each are in strong approval for the new couple and have blessed their union. The announcement of a little one just two weeks after the wedding was greeted with cheers from all.

Keibler, the new host of  Lifetime’s The Supermarket Superstar is starting to read labels of her own. She is actively dedicated to pending motherhood and is looking out for her baby’s health with food products as well as health and beauty items. Shining in the national publication People magazine, Keibler has posed nude while married and pregnant with confidence and beauty. Embracing the future, Keibler has settled down into a new pattern, but is not giving up her spunk to keep things exciting.

UPDATE: Stacy and Jared welcomed a daughter on August 20, 2014. The baby was born at home to the happy couple. Keibler credits an easy pregnancy to her long standing health and exercise routine as well as to the love and support of her husband. The couple named their baby girl Ava Grace.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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  1. Paisano (@Paisano)   April 27, 2014 at 7:05 am

    Keibler and Clooney are using the media to hurt each other. I think she’s winning. married and prego so quickly…and he gets engaged? yawn.


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