‘Star Wars’ Upcoming Episode VII Movie Cast Announced by J. J. Abrams

Star Wars

Since news of it first dropped last year, many long-time Star Wars fans have been anxiously awaiting the next installment in the epic saga, or at least any rumors about it for now. However, on Tuesday, the finalized movie cast for the upcoming Star Wars, Episode VII was at long last announced by J.J. Abrams.

It is the first Star Wars movie people have heard about in almost ten years, and Episode VII will be a follow-up to the last six episodes, but with an entirely new plot line about a new cast of characters discovering the powers of the force. The first film will come to the big screen on December 18, 2015.

The new movies will be directed by J.J. Abrams, who also wrote the screenplay for the new film. This will make these the first set of Star Wars films to be directed by someone other than George Lucas, who directed the first two trilogies. The movie cast for the upcoming Episode VII was announced by the Abrams on Tuesday in a statement.

Early rumors about whom Abrams had in mind for the Star Wars roles and who was already in the running made guessing what Abrams’s casting announcement would be that much easier for fans of the future film. A gathering of a number of the Star Wars Episode VII stars/actors was alleged to be taking place in London for an initial table read for the film, according to Deadline, and news of this and of whom might be attending was circulating earlier this week.

Among the actors and actresses who are now confirmed by Abrams to be part of the new Star Wars cast and ensemble is Adam Driver of HBO Girls fame. Driver has risen to acting prominence since early 2012 playing Lena Dunham’s somewhat disturbed boyfriend, Adam Sackler, on the hit TV show. He has quickly become a fan favorite among the younger generation, and his acting on the show has been highly praised. Sackler has also been highly praised for his roles in several movies he has appeared in, including 2012’s Lincoln, and 2011’s J. Edgar.  He is set to play a villain in the film, according to reports, and this has been the rumor for a few months now. Given Driver’s previous and current history of receiving infinite praise for his acting roles as angry, disturbed, and violent characters, Driver would be a fine fit for an evil Star Wars character. Many of his fans are looking forward to seeing him use his nearly boundless acting capabilities in a new and challenging role like this.

Another new cast member, according to reports, is John Boyega, the actor from Attack the Block. He has been a longtime contender for the role of the heroic male lead in the film. Additionally, Oscar Issac, the star of Inside Llewyn Davis, is confirmed now to be a part of the cast, likely for a major lead role. Additionally, Irish actor Domnhall Gleeson, actor Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings’ Gollum), and Swedish actor Max von Sydow are all hopping on the Star Wars bandwagon as well, according to Abrams. Also joining the cast is Hollywood acting newcomer Daisy Ridley, who will be making her big screen acting debut.

Last but not least, the original three initial actors and Star Wars seasoned veterans will be making their reappearances, at long last, as they reprise their original roles. Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford (who reportedly has quite a large role in the new film) will be showing up for yet another round of Star Wars action, Abrams confirmed on Tuesday when he also announced the newcomers to upcoming Episode VII‘s movie cast.

Opinion by Laura Clark

Los Angeles Times

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