Tamiflu Is Nothing But a Bust?

Tamiflu Is Nothing But a Bust?

Various governments all around the world have spent billions of dollars in stocking up on the antiviral medication Tamiflu but is it nothing but a huge bust? However it is being reported that prior examinations of the drug have brought into serious question just how truly effective the drug truly is. The most recent enquiry which was printed up on April 10 in the British Medical Journal has determined after extensive study that the money has basically been going down the drain on this antiviral drug.

A worldwide medical group investigated and discovered that while Tamiflu may lessen the extent of influenza symptoms by approximately a half day or so, there is absolutely no proof that the medication is decreasing any hospital admissions or stopping the complications of the flu infection. On top of that, the antiviral has side effects which include vomiting and nausea. Carl Heneghan, who is one of the lead authors of the research study and is also a professor working Oxford University, stated that there was absolutely no credible way this drug would be able to avert any kind of pandemic.

The information for this newest research report came from full study information reports. They were from data that was produced by numerous medical trials which are not usually open for inspection by independent investigators. Hard work put forth by the BMJ and its research team persuaded the drug maker Roche, which markets the antiviral Tamiflu, to release the information.

Fiona Godlee, who works as an editor at BMJ, explained that the depiction of Tamiflu was formerly much more upbeat than after the full study was released. She questioned why had no one else wanted to do such a deep level of inspection before spending such large amounts of money on one drug before now? This entire situation just shows the extraordinary flaws in the existing system of drug regulation and evaluation.

However Roche continues to stand by Tamiflu and its previous reputation. The company released a press statement to the general public that said they disagree with what the BMJ had found out and what their conclusions were. Roche explained they were going to continue to stand by their drug. Other companies have stated the BMJ’s findings also were not going to stop them from having their respective countries governments from stockpiling the drug.

A spokesperson for the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which sanctioned the use of Tamiflu back in 2002, explained to the public that the agency had studied the same clinical trial reports but did not feel there were any concerns from the research studies. The spokesperson added that the EMA retains its position on the benefits of Tamiflu even after looking at the reports.

They obviously do not agree with the BMJ. However the most recent enquiry the BMJ did had them determining that money was basically been going down the drain on the Tamiflu antiviral drug. The general public is left wondering just which company is to be believed.

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