Kardashians Regain Possession of Dad’s Diaries From Stepmom

Kardashians diariesLast year, Ellen Pearson, the widow of Robert Kardashian, started selling excerpts from her late husband’s diaries to In Touch Weekly. These diary entries revealed shocking secrets about the celebrity family, and Robert’s children did not like it one bit! However, now, they have been able to negotiate a settlement with their stepmom and the Kardashians will soon regain possession of their dad’s diaries from Pearson.

It is unclear what Pearson’s motives were for spilling the beans about long-held Kardashian family secrets except, of course, for monetary gain. When she first started selling excerpts from Robert’s diaries, she shared entries dated between the years of 1989 and 1990, and what they revealed about the Kardashian family was nothing less than shocking. One entry detailed an incident where Kris, his wife, kicked and beat Kim to the point that she became hysterical. Other entries talked about Kris having an affair, and another said she completely abandoned the kids on Christmas.

The Kardashians, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Rob were outraged when they found out what their stepmom was doing with their dad’s diaries. They quickly slammed Pearson, calling her a liar and saying what she had shared with the media was nothing more than lies and a sick attempt to make a quick buck at the family’s expense. At that point, the Kardashians vowed to regain possession of their dad’s diaries from their stepmom.

In reply, Pearson swore the information did in fact come directly from the authentic handwritten diaries of her late husband. She went on to say Robert had entrusted the diaries to her care and that they were her property to do with as she pleased. To prove her point further, Pearson shared even more excerpts from Robert’s diaries. Some of the entries detailed Kim’s emotional struggles, and one entry dated in early 1991 spoke of an incident where 3-year-old Rob was locked in a car for hours while Kris was busy on a date.

A few months later, when Pearson would not stop selling excerpts from Robert’s diaries, the Kardashians filed a federal lawsuit against her. In their complaint, they said their stepmom was selling family secrets that were contained in their late father’s diaries to tabloids.

At first, the Kardashians said Pearson was a liar; however, in the lawsuit, they claimed she had been selling family secrets contained in their dad’s diaries. Maybe Pearson was not lying after all. It sounds like the diary excerpts she sold to the tabloids were indeed genuine and all of those horrible things really did take place when the Kardashians were young. However, like most families, they are ashamed of their secrets, would like to keep them secret, and not share them with the world.

Now, a year after the Kardashians filed the lawsuit, their legal counsel has confirmed that they have reached a settlement with their stepmom and will be regaining possession of their dad’s diaries. In addition, the Kardashians will receive photo albums Pearson has had since Robert’s death but up until now has refused to give back to the family.

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