Smartphones Becoming the Best Camera

smartphonesWith cameras on smartphones becoming more advanced, the best choice to take pictures is the device right in everyone’s pocket. Having a small, portable camera available at all times of the day is starting to become the norm over buying a large, expensive camera.

There was a time when cameras on phones were a novelty. Low quality cameras took photos that were dark, blurry, and pixelated. Now, cameras that come installed on phones are capable of taking high quality photos which are good enough to want to share with family and friends. The technology has improved over time and it has created a desire to carry a camera to capture events as quick as they happen.

Nokia brand phones are offering the latest smartphone camera technology as it uses pixel oversampling. The camera will take a picture with up to 38 megapixels and then use that large data to create a sharp 5 megapixel image. The drop from 38 megapixels to 5 megapixels may seem steep, yet the technology is working with what the camera lens is able to capture. When large amounts of pixels are compressed together, the resulting photo can obtian a sharper image and brighter colors.

Other cameras that just a straight-forward megapixels are accelerating in quality as well. The latest phones to be released have 16 megapixel cameras and great tools to optimize the best settings to take a great photo. Sub-$100 smartphones, with a 5 megapixel camera are no slouch and can produce photos that are great for posting on Instagram, Facebook, and a number of other social sites and apps.

Another reason why smartphones are becoming the best everyday use camera is that almost all pictures taken nowadays are meant for sharing online or sending through text. The fact that most sites downsize photos when they are uploaded keep the need for more megapixels low. Social sites are aware that most of the viewing and uploads of photos are coming from handheld devices. They know that smaller screens are only capable of so many pixels, and therefore the photos do not need to be that large.

Adding to the updated cameras on phones are the many advanced camera apps that can be installed on devices that improve the quality of photos. Sometimes the phone manufacture may not have the best basic camera app available. There are software developers who focus on just camera software and can tweak setting to better utilize the available camera. It may take a while to install and try them, but there are plenty of camera apps that can improve photo quality.

After a photo is taken, there is a large selection of apps that can help fix colors, crop, and add special effects. There is also a selection of apps that will add photo frames and additional graphic items to help create works of art. These editing apps are helping phone users achieve what once required expensive software and months of classes.

Phone users who wish to express themselves through photography is finding it easier now that smartphones are coming equipped with better cameras. Carrying around a large digital SLR camera can sometimes require another backpack or carrying case. A phone is usually in a user’s pocket and is light enough to carry around until the right photo opportunity appears.

Camera enthusiasts will try to convince people a large, expensive camera is the only way to take photographs worthy of a photo album. To a point that may seem a little true as photos taken by a smartphone are rarely good enough to get high quality prints from. However, photography enthusiasts have embraced the photos taken from phones as they are capturing some photos that would have been missed if the person did not have quick access to a camera they had in their pocket or purse. Those who take photography as an art form can see the advantage of capturing a beautiful moment and sharing it online within minutes.

Cameras on smartphones still have a lot of room for improvement before they are truly the best option for photography. For now, the ease of use and ability to quickly share photos seems to be the best option for most. It may not be the best option to capture a wedding, but it sure is a great way to capture the highlights of the day.

Opinion by Raul Hernandez


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