Terry Richardson and Emma Appleton Sex Text Scandal

Terry RichardsonNo doubt Terry Richardson is a big name in the world of photography, but this weekend Emma Appleton, a British model, shared a mobile text where it said that this famed American photographer offered her a photo shoot into Vogue for exchange of sex. And the Terry Richardson and Emma Appleton sex text scandal became a hot news in the media.

The English beauty posted her phone’s screen shot to Instagram and Twitter Sunday, claiming that the message she received on Facebook was from Terry Richardson. The celebrity photographer, according to Appleton, propositioned her for sex in exchange for a high-profile modeling gig. The image she posted repeatedly sent from Richardson’s phone, which read: “If I can f–k you I will book you in [New York] for a shoot for Vogue.” And being shocked, Appleton replied, “Um what?”

As soon as Appleton posted the screen shot of the message, she had to face a lot of questions from social media users about that matter. Many wondered whether it is really the famed Terry Richardson, or someone else with the same name. Because the real Terry Richardson has covered many fashion houses, prestigious magazines, and worked almost with every celebrities in the media.

Appleton also exploded her feelings about this on twitter: “This industry is f–ked up” She mentioned that she has been modeling for five years but never had this experience before. Richardson’s spokesman, however, denied this accusation, claiming that Appleton’s text was not from Richardson. The British model later seemed to be uncertain about the text, and subsequently deleted the Twitter and Instagram page that she shared the message from, saying she thought it came from Richardson’s Facebook page.

On Monday morning Appleton insisted that she did not share the alleged photographer’s text for attention, and she does not appreciate the media coverage. She acknowledged in her post on Instagram that the message could have been sent from a fake Facebook account. She later stated that the reason she deleted her Twitter page was because she did not want any attention or abuse.

After the Terry Richardson and Emma Appleton sex text scandal was published in the media, Vogue released a statement, which said that they have worked several years with Richardson, and have no plans to work with the controversial photographer in the future.

The last time the U.S. Vogue magazine gave Richardson an assignment was in the July 2010 issue. It is not the first time Terry Richardson facing this kind of allegation. Model Jamie Peck in 2010, had an experience with the photographer, in which he in fact stripped naked and wanted her to perform a sex act.

Some other young models around four years ago opened their mouths telling unsettling stories about his alleged abusive behavior during photo shoots, including requesting sexual favors. But the truth is Richardson is still in high demand, particularly by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Beyoncé and Rihanna.

Richardson has not yet spoken out about the recent claims against him. Weeks ago he wrote a blog in Huffington Post where he did not particularly address any allegations, but defended his photography style.

As a news story Terry Richardson and Emma Appleton’s sex text scandal could be significant in the media, but it may not be that much bother to the world-class photographer. From 1996 to 1999, the 48-year-old photographer was married to model Nikki Uberti, and subsequently he was in a relationship with model and actress Shalom Harlow.

By Rahad Abir


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