Texas Couple Decided to Euthanize Chupacabra

chupacabra TexasEvery so often, there are reported sightings of the blood-sucking chupacabra. Case in point, earlier this week, it was reported that a Texas couple, the Stocks, were claiming to have captured one of the legendary creatures on their property. However, just a few days later, following pressure from the DeWitt County Game Warden, the Texas couple decided it would be best to euthanize the chupacabra.

According to the DeWitt County Game Warden, the Stocks did not have a chupacabra in their possession. Experts examined the animal in order to make a proper identification and determined that it was indeed not a chupacabra but instead, it was a hairless raccoon. Furthermore, the experts explained that the raccoon was most likely hairless because it was suffering from a severe case of the mange.

However, despite expert findings, some people are adamant in their beliefs that this particular animal is not a raccoon; they believe it is in fact a chupacabra. One of those people, Arlen Parma, a local Ratcliffe resident, spoke out saying he had hunted raccoons for 20 years and in all that time, he had never seen a raccoon that looked like the animal the Stocks had caught and were holding on their property.  Parma went on to say the Stocks’ supposed chupacabra had a growl that was quite different from any sound he had ever heard a raccoon make before. “Coons do not make that noise,” he said. “I guess the chupacabra does,” he added, “I do not know.”

Following the identification of the supposed chupacabra, the DeWitt County Game Warden issued a 48-hour warning to the Stocks telling them that they had one of three choices. The Texas couple could either release their supposed chupacabra back into the wild or euthanize it, and if they did not comply with one of the first two choices, their third choice would be decided for them and that would be paying some hefty fines.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department representative, Mike Cox said he receives reported sightings of chupacabra at least three of four times a year, and every time, he thoroughly investigates the situation to determine the kind of animal that is actually involved in the sightings. But Cox never expects to find an actual chupacabra because he nor the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department believe they exist. In fact, Cox said they do not believe chupacabras exist anywhere at all except in the imaginations of some.

Whether chupacabras really exist is still very much a mystery. To date, there has been no evidence to support any truth to the claims of reported chupacabra sightings. Many people, especially animal experts believe these legendary creatures are truly nothing more than the figment of someone’s overactive imagination.

Originally, the Stocks were positive they had captured the illusive and legendary chupacabra and were unsure what they were going to do with the animal. However, following the expert’s correct identification of the animal and the ultimatum issued from the DeWitt County Game Warden, the Texas couple decided it would be best to euthanize their supposed chupacabra.

By Donna W. Martin


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  1. earth keeper   July 14, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    its a couati from south america, and the idiots that killed it aught to be fined a hefty ticket or killed themselves before there stupidity gets someone hurt.


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