Fort Hood Shooting Leaves 4 Dead and 16 Injured

Fort HoodA shooting at Fort Hood is confirmed to have taken place earlier today which left four dead (including the shooter) and 16 others left injured. Information regarding the shooting, which took place Wednesday, has been difficult to ascertain, however reports suggest that the four dead include a gunman who opened fire and precipitated the fallout. Law enforcement officials covering the scene at Fort Hood have not released any information regarding a possible motive for the shooting and, until a public press conference by General Mark Milley of Fort Hood, authorities were saying very little about what specifically took place. Even after the press conference however, the identity of the shooter and those injured are not yet being released.

Fort Hood, the site of today’s shooting, was placed on lockdown shortly after the shooting. Some hours after the initial lockdown was placed, an all clear was given and the lockdown was lifted from the Fort Hood installation. After the initial lockdown was sounded, the scene was reportedly quiet with little activity. Shortly after the all clear however, traffic poured out of the installation as individuals were allowed to finally leave the scene.

In speaking to the press, General Mark Milley from Fort Hood, confirmed the reported figures of dead and injured. The General also stated that terrorism, although not ruled out, is not considered to be a motive or factor in the shooting. The shooter is understood to be a soldier that was suffering from mental health issues and was “currently under diagnosis for PTSD, but had not yet been diagnosed with having PTSD.” General Milley stated that the soldier who carried out the shooting did so in two engagements.

The shooter engaged one group of victims, then entered a vehicle, exited at a separate location and engaged another group of victims. The shooter’s body was reportedly found in the parking lot after being engaged by law enforcement. General Milley stated the injured sustained the majority of their injuries as a direct result of the shooting, although some were injured in attempting to remove themselves from the shooters field of fire.

The shooter, according to General Milley, was on medications and had self reported a head injury previously. The shooter was in the process of being diagnosed for PTSD, which reportedly is a lengthy process, but had not yet officially been diagnosed at the time the shooting took place.

Fort Hood official did confirm that the shooters weapon, used in the deadly shooting, was not registered with the military base in violation of official protocol.

In 2009, the military base was the site of the deadliest domestic attack on a US military installation. The recent shooting has raised some questions as to whether or not Fort Hood is becoming somewhat of a target for shootings or potential terrorist activity. Terrorism, has not been cited as a motive or factor in the Wednesday shooting. The Wednesday shooting at Fort Hood has been confirmed to have killed four (including the shooter) and injured 16 others.

The shooting at Fort Hood in Texas has many questioning the security protocols at the military base, however General Milley stated that the security protocols were quite tight and that an investigation would determine any possible security concerns.

Security measures on domestic military bases appears to be an area that will receive significant attention after the Wednesday shooting. General Milley highlights that when on the military base, no one is supposed to carry concealed weapons. The General also stated that all weapons on base are to be registered as per base protocol. The weapon used by the shooter however was not registered; yet another fact which has raised questions about security.

The Wednesday shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, has resulted in four killed and 16 others injured and receiving treatment. Names and identities have not yet been released, however nearby Texans and many across the nation have expressed deep sadness at the unfortunate series of events, and the tragic loss of life.

By Daniel Worku

LA Times

Miami Herald


Washington Post


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