The Voice Live Eliminations Top 10 Become Elite 8 (Review & Video)

The Voice Live Eliminations Top 10 Become Elite 8 (Review & Video)
On The Voice tonight, it’s the first of the Live Eliminations, and the Top 10 performers left will become the Elite 8! That’s right, the Bottom Three competitors who received the fewest amounts of votes from you, America, will be announced by the host of the Voice, Carson Daly. They will all perform one last time, and the one of those who gets the most votes will be Instantly Saved; the other two will be eliminated and sent home!

Carson recapped last night’s performances on The Voice and the comments of the judges. He said that Pharrell and Gwen Stefani will be new judges starting next season. They will be performing next week — that should be pretty cool! The Voice will be different, of course, without CeeLo Green, and Christina Aguilera, who will be sitting out a season because she is pregnant; but, both of these two judges who will be taking their places next season are great performers.

Singing “Always On the Run” by Lenny Kravitz will be the members of Team Usher and Usher, himself. Usher began the performance, then Bria Kelly and Josh Kaufman joined in. They all walked down the center aisle, up close and personal to the audience. This was a rousing song, and it was a fantastic start to this episode of The Voice.

Carson announced the first two competitors who would be saved by America’s votes: “After last night’s performances, I have the names of the first two artists who are safe and will be moving on to next week. America saved — from Team Adam — Christina Grimmie! congratulations! Saved by America’s votes, overnight. America also saved — from Team Blake — Sisaundra Lewis lives on to sing another day!”

When The Voice returns from its first commercial break, Carson said that he would be announcing the names of the next two performers who will be moving on, and also, Shakira and her team will be performing.

Carson asked Adams what their strategy would be now. Adam said to listen to his competitors closely, and take in what they had to say. Christina said that she was happy to be there and to support her team.

Carson asked Blake how important song chice was at this point in the competition.

Blake: “Song choice is everything,” Blake said.

Carson then said “I have the names of the two artists who are safe and will be moving on to next week’s show. America saved — from Team Shakira — Kristen Merlin! Congratulations! America also saved — from Team Usher — Josh Kaufman! Congratulations! Kristen Merlin and Josh Kaufman will be moving on to the Top Eight! When The Voice comes back, I will announce the names of the next two performers who will be saved by America, and Shakira will perform with her team members!”

Carson Daly said that Shakira and her team members, Kristen Merlin and Tess Boyer, will be singing “The One Thing” off of her latest hit album. They harmonized really well together, and they all have powerful beautiful voices. The audience clapped along as they sang, and they really had the crowd into the performance. They got a standing ovation!

Then,  Carson introduced a recurring bit, “The Voice Confessionals.” It’s a kind of cute segment, but is a filler, also.

Then, Carson got ready to announce the next two names. “America saved — from Team Blake Shelton — Audra McLaughlin! Moving on, saved by America’s votes! America also saved — from Team Adam — Delvin choice! You’re moving on to next week’s show! Congratulations, Audra and Delvin, for moving on to the Top Eight!”

After more commercials on The Voice, Carson said that we will learn who the Bottom Three are, and we’ll get to hear them perform to try to get your votes, America, one more time, to move on and continue participating in performing with those performers who are already safe.

Christina Grimmie: “At the end of the day, we’re all family.” We got to see the performers talking about their experiences on The Voice, and the competitors looked like they had really gotten to know each other, and had become like extended family members.

Carson then announced the last performer saved by America’s votes. “America saved — Jake Worthington from Team Blake is moving on! That means Bria, Tess Boyer, and Kat have the least number of votes. It’s coming up, the Instant Save — you control all of them, the fates of the Bottom three performers is in your hands. It’s coming up.”

After yet another commercial break, The Voice returned with the Bottom Three competitors ready to sing for what could be their last time on the show. They’re all such great performers, it will be sad to see any of them going.

Bria Kelly sang Heart’s “Crazy On You.” What a great song — and Bria NAILED it! Will her performance be enough to save, her, though?

Blake: “I always think that Bria is amazing. You’ve always been one of the frontrunners. Maybe you just did the thing there that will buy you a chance back into this thing. I hope so.”

Usher: “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And that’s what it takes, right there. You’re not defined by what others think about you.”

Carson then introduced, from Team Shakira, Tess Boyer, singing “Who Knew.” Tess has a remarkable voice! It’s strnage to think that any of these three would be in danger of being eliminated, let alone that all three are. Tess really got the audience into it.

Adam: ‘Your back is against the wall, because you’re an amazing singer. We’re so invested in you guys. I don’ t want anyone to go home.”

Usher: “I loved your performance. It’s great to know that you’ve been able to grow here.”

Carson: ‘People can change her fate. What should they know about her?”

Shakira: ‘You’re a fighter. You just proved that to us. She deserves another chance! I want her to stay, please!”

Carson: “Now singing “Paris Ooh La La” representing Team Adam, Kat Perkins!”

Kat KILLS this song! WOW! This will be a tough decision for the voters of America to make. Kat has such a powerful voice with an AWESOME vocal range.

Blake: “Kat,” he began, then he was drowned out by cheers. “If that doesn’t buy you another week, I don’t know what will.”

Usher: ‘It is somewhat of a popularity contest. You gave a great performance.”

Adam: “Typically, when someone is in the Bottom Three, they get sent home. But, if you save this girl, she will beat the odds and stay all the way to the very end. I’ll say that right now.’

Carson said that everyone has the next five minutes to get their tweets in to Instantly Save one of these artists. That means another big chunk of commercials before The Voice comes back –yuck.

Back from the commercial break, Carson asks the judges why America should cast a tweet for their team members. The window for voting closed, as Shakira finished speaking, and Carson said that the time had come to announce who america Instantly Saved.

Carson: “America Instantly Saved — Kat Perkins from Team Adam moves on!”

With Bria Kelly and Tess Boyer voted off of The Voice, that brings the number of performers left this season down to just eight. The other performers remaining are Delvin Choice, Jake Worthington, Christina Grimmie, Sisaundra Lewis, Josh Kaufman, Kristen Merlin, and Audra McLaughlin. Which of these eight (including Kat Perkins) do you think will be the ultimate winner, and get named as The Voice? Please leave our comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. guest   May 5, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    Sisaundra, with her over-the-top “powerhouse” noise, should’ve been eliminated a long time ago. Bria? Good riddance to another screecher. A shame to lose Tess–one of the better women in the competition. Josh should probably win.

  2. candace   May 1, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    I believe so Saundra lewis Christina grimmie are the front runners an delvin choice Audreytop four

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