The Voice The Playoffs Continue With Teams Adam and Shakira (Review)

The Voice The Playoffs Continue Teams Adam and Shakira Perform (Review)

On The Voice tonight, the Playoff Rounds continue, with Team Shakira and Team Adam taking the stage. They will need to cut two competitors each from their teams, so that, by the end of the episode, they only have three team members apiece. As Carson Daly says: “The stakes have never been higher!”

Up first for Team Shakira will be Kristen Merlin. She’s a fantastic country singer, with a very powerful and emotional voice. Kristen will be singing “Two Black Cadillacs” tonight.

Kristen sounds pretty AWESOME, really — she had the audience waving their arms in the air, and her the song showcased her powerful pipes. She definitely can sustain a note for a long time! This was a very impressive performance from Kristen — if Shakira doesn’t end up keeping her, that will be a big surprise.

Adam: “I hear so much of Shakira’s incredible coaching in what you’ve done with your voice.”

Blake: “This was my favorite performance by you so far.”

Usher: “You’re one of the strongest voices in the competition, and consistent.”

Shakira: “I’m just so thrilled at this moment.”

After the performance, Blake says that if Shakira decides to keep Kristen, “that’s intimidating to me.”

What a great way to open up tonight’s episode of The Voice! More fantastic performances will follow the commercial break, hopefully. Shakira and Adam will have some very tough choices ahead of them later tonight.

Carson introduced Deja Hall, 16, from Texas. She will be the next competitor to perform from Team Shakira. Shakira tells her that she must “be in the pocket.” She says she wants Deja to “feel strong, and look strong.” Deja will be singing “Battlefield.”

The audience was clapping right from the beginning of the song. Deja Hall held the audience in the palms of her hands. The crowd swayed their arms over their heads as Deja finished the song, and then they erupted into applause.

Blake: “You definitely came out of your shell. Congratulations!”

Usher: “You’ve constantly grown. At times, you almost over-sang the track, because your voice is so strong.”

Adam: “The sky’s the limit moving forward.”

Shakira: “You’re so terrific! You’ve grown so much! You have so much talent. You’re finally believing in yourself. I want to congratulate you on the amazing performance you gave us tonight.”

Carson said that coming up on The Voice is a twice-stolen artist. It’s Tess Boyer, a very talented singer. She chose to sing “Human.” Shakira tells her to “smile.” Tess has been a pro cheerleader, but would like to have a career in music.

Tess started off the song sounding terrific, and she packed a lot of emotion into the song. Her voice soared, and she showed, as Kristen did, that she can sustain a note for a very long time.  It was an incredible performance by Tess tonight!

Adam: Tess, this was one of your best performances so far. Your low register is very, very beautiful.”

Usher: “You have a genuine quality with your voice. You’re super-human to be able to hold notes like that.”

Blake: ‘The thing that I learned about you is whatever the challenge that’s set before you, you step up to it.”

Shakira: “I’m so fortunate to have you on my team. You’re like the little miracle on Team Shakira. You have an amazing gift, and I’m so lucky to have you.” The decision is not getting any easier for Shakira, with the stellar performances of both Deja Hall and Tess Boyer. And, she still has two more performers yet to go! After another commercial break, Patrick Thomson will be singing “Trouble.”

Patrick Thomson is the only male singer that Shakira has on her team. She stole him from Adam in the first Battle Round. Patrick has a rich, raspy, soulful voice. Shakira said when she stole Patrick that he has “a timeless voice.” The song “Trouble,” Shakira says, “is a great choice for him.”

Carson introduced Patrick, and then the dude’s voice took over from there. Patrick has a cool voice, and he proved as he sang that he can hit the high notes, and has a powerful voice. He knows he can’t afford to hold anything back.

Adam: ‘It’s so cool to hear you sing a song that really reflects where you’re coming from. Excellent, excellent job.”

Usher: “You completely took control over the room and took ownership over the song.”

Blake: “That gargling with broken glass or whatever you do, your voice sounds so good.”

Shakira: “The way you take command of the stage with such poise and grace — I couldn’t be more proud of you. You just KILLED it!”

Next up for Shakira will be Dani Moz, and she will be singing Lady GaGa’s hit “The Edge of Glory” right after another commercial break on The Voice. She’s the last one to sing from Shakira’s team in this episode. Which three will Shakira decide to keep?

Dani Moz had “a steady job in PR” but she wanted to do what she really loved, and become a singer. Shakira says she wants Dani to “let her soul be seen” with this song. Dani know she must, as she said, “sing for my life.”

Dani began the song very well — Lady GaGa would be proud of how well she sang her song, and also of how well she played the piano as she sang. Dani had the audience really into the song — they were swaying their arms over their heads, and Shakira stood up as Dani hit a particularly high note. She sang the CRAP out of this song!

Adam: “Those better be tears of joy.” he said, noticing that Dani was crying. “She’s a loony if she doesn’t keep you.”

Blake: “You were completely connected to that song. It was a game-changer.”

Usher: “What’s definitely undeniable is that you’re a passionate performer.”

Shakira: “I saw a true artist. You made me listen to the lyrics and connect with the song. If Lady GaGa heard you tonight, she would be proud of you. You just made my job twice as difficult.”

Coming up on The Voice, Shakira must make the decision about who to keep and which two of her team to send home.  All of her team is so good; any of them could end up being the potential winner of The Voice.

Carson tells Shakira that she has a tough decision but asked her to address her team first. Shakira spoke to them, and then said “the person I’m moving forward is Tess.

Shakira: “The next person I’m moving forward is Kristen Merlin.”

Before Shakira made her final choice, Carson asked the remaining teammates tell Shakira how much they have enjoyed being on her team.

Then, Shakira said “The woman I’m going to chose next is Dani Moz.”

Adam’s team is preparing to take the stage. Delvin Choice, a barista at Starbuck’s, will go first for Team Adam. He will be singing “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green.

Adam is concerned about the “pitch thing” that he’s hearing in Delvin’s voice. As the rehearsals went on, though, Delvin improved quite a bit.

Delvin sounded really great, very smooth and soulful. He listened to all of the advice he’s been given, and he showed off his wide vocal range with this song choice.  He even sang the falsetto parts very well. Shakira and Adam gave him a standing ovation.

Blake: “You’re like a different singer!”

Usher: ‘You really are a threat, because you can go anywhere. There’s nothing you can’t do.”

Shakira: “We were relaxed and enjoying how great your voice is.”

Usher tells Adam that “I’m jealous. There’s nothing that guy can’t do with his voice.”

After The Voice returned from another commercial break, Jake Barker took the stage next from Team Adam. Usher compared his tone to that of Justin Timberlake. Jake will be singing a song that means a lot to Adam, one he wrote — a Maroon 5 song, “She will Be Loved.”

Jake is — Pretty DARN GOOD! He NAILED this song, and hit the high notes of it with uber confidence.  He has a fantastic vocal range. The audience gave him a standing ovation.

Blake: “I feel for Adam right now. He’s gonna have some tough decisions coming up.”

Usher: “It’s finding your voice that matters more than anything. I hope you make it to the end.”

Shakira: “You did an R&B approach to the song. Overall, I think it was a solid performance.”

Adam: “This guy just started really singing in public. It’s really an astonishing accomplishment. All I have to say is ‘Bravo,’ and you’re a really talented guy.”

Next on The Voice, after yet more commercials, Adam’s third team member of the evening, Kat Perkins, will be performing.  She will be singing the iconic rock ballad “Open Arms” by Journey. She tells Adam she’s kind of scared to sing it, but Adam tells her: “You know what? Sometimes the best decisions are scary.”

Kat OWNED this Journey song! She sang it with a lot of power, and she did an AMAZING rendition of it.  The audience cheered and screamed for her as she finished.

Usher: “You should be very, very proud of yourself. Your performance was flawless.”

Shakira: “Very emotional. Wow. You made me be in the moment with you.”

Blake: “Open arms, my ass! More like ‘Open Lungs.’ I can’t even come up with anything more.’

Adam: “Those Journey songs are difficult, challenging songs. Steve Perry doesn’t screw around. The performance was FLAWLESS. There hasn’t been a better performance so far.”

Coming up on The Voice, Adam has two performers left.  Right after the next break, Tennessee rocker Morgan Wallen will be singing “Stay”  from Florida Georgia Line. He says that his passion is country music.

Morgan has a cool, gravelly sort of voice. He ROCKED OUT this country song, and the audience were clapping and swaying their arms back and forth from the start of the song.

Usher: “It was a perfect match for you and Adam. I’m happy you are still in the competition. Good job!”

Blake: “Did you even listen to Pearl Jam or Stone Temple Pilots? There’s so much of that guy in your voice too. It works, dude! I wish I’d picked up on it before. I’m a fan.”

Shakira: “I was pleasantly surprised to hear you today.”Blake: “This guy brings to country what Travis Tritt did. It’s legitimate; it’s real.”

Morgan: “I never imagined Blake endorsing me like that.”

Adam’s final performer, and the last one of the night on The Voice, will be Christina Grimmie. She will be singing “I Won’t Give Up,” after the commercial break.

Christina got all four chairs to turn. She was with Team Adam right from the start of the season. Christina began by doing videos on YouTube.

Christina is sing “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz in honor of her mother, a breast cancer survivor. Adam said “I really believe in that girl.”

What an INCREDIBLE voice! Adam had a difficult decision before, but Christina mae it even more difficult with her performance! The audience swayed their arms, and Christina showed great stage presence, walking around, singing to members of the audience. She gave an intense, powerful performance — Adam gave her a standing ovation.

Blake: “That is the best singer on your team, right there! How does such a big voice come out of such a miniature person? You can do everything! You’re so little! How can you do that?”

Usher: “You’re a ball of fire, man! There was no flaw. You’re like a baby Celine Dion, man.”

“You say I’m little, too,” Adam said to Blake.

Blake: “No, no — I said that parts of you are little.”

Shakira: “You were so great!”

Adam: ‘This song was your choice. It’s a testimony to your artistry. It’s about being able to do everything well. Man, I love feeling this way so late into the competition. You were so great!”

After the next break on The Voice, Adam must make the decision that he’s been dreading to make — who to keep and which two to let go.

Carson tells him that he must decide which three he will keep and which two will be going home. Adam said that “I feel let down by no one.”

Adam: “The first person I’m going to take with me tonight is — Christina.” Christina definitely deserves to be taken onward — she might become the season winner, even!

“The second person I’m going to take with me,” Adam said, “is Delvin.”

Then, Carson asked the remaining competitors to tell Adam how they have felt aobut working with him. They all expressed how great the experience has been for them.

Finally, Adam had to make his final decision: “Moving forward, I’ m taking with me to the Live Rounds Kat Perkins.”

Tomorrow on The Voice, Team Usher will be up, and Usher will face the same touch sorts of decisions that have been made by his fellow judges, Shakira, Blake, and Adam. The performances tonight were spectacular, and it’s sad to have to see any of the remaining competitors have to be sent home.

How did you like tonight’s episode of The Voice, America? Did you think that Adam and Shakira made the right choices, or did they flub up by not choosing one or more of the other people on their teams? Please leave your comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb



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  1. Linda Holman   April 22, 2014 at 6:07 pm

    Why on live show does Shakira get to lip sync … not good!

  2. guest   April 14, 2014 at 10:30 pm

    The choices made sense tonight (no scary-voiced Sisaundra for the coaches to inexplicably fawn over). Have to say, though, that the problem with the show–for me–was pretty much stated tonight when a contestant was compared to Celine Dion and that was supposed to be a GOOD thing…. Who wants/needs/can stand another Celine Dion? The show tends to eliminate most of its diversity early and leave itself with little but all these scale-hopping, over-singing, woman belters to choose from.


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