Tori Spelling Getting Divorced?

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling is a quintessence of divorce and remarriage. She was first married to Charlie Shanian in a lush wedding ceremony, with whom she spent barely a couple of years and opted for divorce in October 2005 to get remarried to Dean McDermott in 2006. Since then, they have lived like love birds until late 2013, things turned out to be that Tori Spelling might be getting divorced soon.

The dilemma commenced when Dean confessed his secret sin to his wife in December 2013. Despite spending romantic 7 years together, their relationship began to grow sour day by day from the moment on. The news of McDermott’s immoral deed overwhelmed the Hollywood actress as she later recounted that “… he broke my heart.” Rumors have it that Spelling, who is currently finding the issue so tough to chew, is making big plans to publicly make a show of her spouse on TV in retaliation for his wanton relationship instead of getting him divorced.   

Nevertheless, it seems the nuptial love boat is not wrecked, but how long can the amorous journey continue when a captain is down. Her hubby’s extra-marital affair is raising dust on whether their relationship which is currently blessed with four kids, would continue, repose or disband.

However, there are controversies over Tori’s action towards her hubby’s misconduct. The first school of thought condemns her leniency and states that her reaction should have being more drastic i.e. involving lawsuits for divorce and compensational case. It goes ahead to observe that she would have embarked on the opulent expenditure, but considering her financial status, she has to refrain else she risks bankrupcy.

The second is that, as a one-time divorcee she might not want to have a second experience. Especially now that she has kids, she must do what she needs to do to keep the family together no matter what. It is believed that the love she has for her husband and her family would not let her file a divorce against him.

The diva, who has being into acting since age 6, is so gifted with both movies and books. It’s a thing of surprise to wonder how a mother of four manages to reconcile the task of literary writing with imaginary acting so facilely. Tori is said to be the breadwinner of the family, since there are no records of any signed prenuptial agreement. The 90210 star, who is most affected by the betrayal, is said to be emotionally depressed and never stops sniveling. Her plan to publicly make a disgrace of Dean, has received general accolade especially from the women folks, who believe it will serve as lesson to erring partners (men in general).

Dean on his part seems not to draw attention as much as his wife. He is only linked with frequent visits to the office of the marriage counselor. Even after confessing to the act involving Emily Goodhand in Canada, he is still looked upon by many as a betrayer.

As the motive behind his immoral act remains unclear, it is however generally believed that cases such as this, come as a result of lack of quality bedtime shared with the partner. The question everyone is asking is the same question on ground, is Tori Spelling really getting divorced?

By Obed Uche


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