Tori Spelling Is Afraid Dean McDermott Will Give Her AIDS

Spelling McDermott AIDSTori Spelling is reeling following the news that her husband, Dean McDermott has been cheating on her. However, it is not just the fact that he cheated on her that is tormenting her; Tori Spelling is afraid Dean McDermott will give her AIDS, if he has not already.

According to sources, Spelling and McDermott have not had sex since December, and it is because she is afraid she may catch something from her cheating husband. Spelling has laid down the law and told McDermott he must get tested for sexually transmitted diseases to ensure he does not have anything that he could then pass on to her before they can even begin to move forward.

Spelling was disgusted to find out that McDermott was cheating on her – having little flings here and there while he was away on business trips, the last of which was this past December with Emily Goodhand. During a counseling session, McDermott came clean saying he and Goodhand spent two days together at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

Goodhand revealed that McDermott claimed to be in a sexless marriage and that was why he was straying. However, Spelling said no matter what she did, she simply could not give him enough sex and feels like she will never be enough to keep him satisfied. McDermott did not deny these claims and even went so far as to say he was “out of control” during the trailer for Spelling’s new show, True Tori.

Apparently, McDermott has had numerous affairs throughout his marriage to Spelling and she is livid that he has put her health at risk by sleeping around and then crawling back in bed with her like nothing ever happened for nearly eight years. Spelling has had enough and currently, the couple is living apart. Dean McDermott would like to move back in but Tori Spelling is insisting on the disease testing before she will allow it because she is afraid he will give her AIDS.

Spelling and McDermott have four children, Liam, Stella, Hattie, and Finn, who they claim are the primary reason they are trying to reconcile their marriage. A source close to Spelling said if it were not for the children she would not have anything else to do with McDermott, and if he does not get disease tested and every one of the tests come back negative giving him a clean bill of health, he can forget being with her.

However, even if all the tests come back negative, their children cannot be the glue that holds their marriage together because that simply will not work. If two people can no longer love, respect, and trust one another, it would be better for them as well as the children involved if they were to simply part ways.

In the long run, it is easier on children to see mom and dad separately and happy than together and miserable, fighting all the time and seemingly hating each other. The emotional turmoil children go through as a result of witnessing this type of marriage is heartbreaking and nothing short of abuse. The main thing is for each parent to be the best he or she can be, and if that is together as a family, then great, and if not, then that is okay too.

Putting the interests of the children first does not mean being trapped in a loveless, cheating relationship. Kids may be small but they are not dumb; they can tell when mom and dad are not happy, and that will make them unhappy too.

Obviously, for Tori Spelling’s peace of mind, Dean McDermott needs to man up and get tested for all known sexually transmitted diseases so she will no longer have to be afraid that he will give her AIDS. Then, if his tests come back clean, they need to sit down as a couple, in private, and talk about where they each want to go from here – whether they go together or go their separate ways – and what steps need to be taken to get there without destroying their children.

Opinion By Donna W. Martin


National Enquirer

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