Twitter Catches Instagram Woes

TwitterOn Saturday morning, Instagram went down. Users who tried to view their home feed or upload new images were met with error messages. Naturally, people threw their anger and Twitter caught all the Instagram user woes.

At around 9 a.m. in the morning, people were reporting that their main feed would not add any new photos or videos. Users were greeted by photo missing link icons or the circular loading graphic stuck in one position. Users were also reporting that they were unable to post new photographs or videos to Instagram. Users who did try would get an “Upload Failed” error message.

Twitter was interesting on Saturday morning as everyone was talking about Instagram. It is safe to say that Twitter does not mind that the talk was negative. Users posting ranged from anger to humor. Some were angry that it was taking too long for Instagram to get back up and running. One user posted that they were frustrated with the Instagram outage was going to go to a local mall and hand out Polaroids of what they ate in the morning.

No matter the tone of the post, they were mostly entertaining. Most users wanted people to laugh. Some users tried to be helpful. Twitter users gave constant updates to other users on Instagram’s status. The Instagram woes made its way to Twitter and it had no problem catching and posting them.

At around 3 p.m., Instagram got back on track and everything started working smoothly. That is when the Instagram chatter slowed on Twitter. A few people took to Twitter to announce the return of Instagram. That is when Instagram took on a heavy load of photo uploads. Most of the users who joked earlier headed back to Instagram to upload their photos and videos.

This shows the strength of Twitter. Most people who wish to complain or vent have little time or they do not possess the patience to write a full blog or a long post. Most just want to get out a quick shout to the world. That is when people head over to Twitter. A quick sentence about how they feel accompanied with a hashtag can make people feel as though they are communicating with other people who have the same issue.

It was also rather humorous to see that Instagram also took to Twitter to give users updates on when improvements were happening on Instagram. Once people got news posted on Twitter, Instagram deleted their update posts.

This will most likely not be the last time we see Twitter light up with anger about other online services. In the past, Twitter has been a great place for users to get their voices heard. Users have been able to post to company accounts and actually receive a response. Lately, Twitter has become more reliable than trying to contact companies via phone call or even email.

Instagram is now up and running. Users are able to post photos and videos once again. It was entertaining to see all the woeful posts Twitter had to catch due the outage. Even with Instagram fixed, Twitter users are still poking fun. There is still a healthy feed of humor to read. Possibly next time, Twitter service will go down and people will post screenshots of their Twitter feed not working on Instagram.

By Raul Hernandez


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