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Twitter introduced its new profile design today and it looks a lot like Facebook now! Why the firm had to copycat Mark Zukerberg’s social media website and it could not come up with anything more innovative and original is anybody’s guess but the header photo and the larger profile picture covering the entire top part of the web page just screams out “Facebook.”

Interestingly, Twitter has only made its new design available on the desktop version of Twitter so far and no announcements have been made when the redesigned look will be transitioned to smartphones and tablets, which is where Twitter is more commonly used.

Anyway, so Twitter says the new look is a gradual process, which will be completed in the near future. New users will get the redesigned look right away, whereas, older users will see the change in the coming weeks. Among those whose Twitter pages have already adapted to the new look are First Lady Michelle Obama, musician John Legend and actress Kerry Washington.

According to the microblogging website, there will be two kinds of tweets now: best tweets and pinned tweets. The new design will allow for a user’s most popular tweets to appear larger, which will make anyone searching for the most engaging contents to be located easily. These are the best tweets. The users will now also be able to pin their most important tweets on top of a page. These will be known as pinned tweets.

According to the firm, it will also be easier for users to search other people’s timelines for replies and tweets with attached photos or videos via a new filtering mechanism. The timelines will have “@” mentions filtered out. Now, these replies will move to a tab labeled “tweets and replies.”

Meanwhile, the contents will also be more organized now and will be sorted out in three columns. The left column would feature followers and photos, the middle column would show tweets, whereas, the right column would detail trends and recommendations.

The new face of Twitter seems to be best for businesses promoting themselves via the microblogging website. This can be ascertained when designer of the new look, David Bellona said the redesigned face of Twitter will help followers to better know a user. He said the redesign is brand-friendly as it would allow for better profile experience and thereby, allow brands (yes, brands!) to promote themselves more effectively on Twitter.

The focus that Twitter has on brands with its redesign may be the reason why the new look will only be available on desktop version for the time being. However, it still does not explain why the firm would have to copycat Facebook!

As news broke out on the firm’s blogs, Twitter users took to sharing their opinions, which is mixed at this point. Some users are happy as it would mean a more organized page and it would also allow them to highlight their important tweets at the top of their page, while others said that they would miss the present look of the website.

In a phone interview, Sara Adams, 27, said that she likes the present look of Twitter and is not happy to hear that it now copycats Facebook in appearance. “When I felt like messing around with my cover photos and profile pictures, I turned to Facebook. That is my social media site for passing my time and making myself appear beautiful or whatever. Twitter was where I vent out my thoughts in single lines. I do not want to beautify my Twitter account. I do not think I will be ever going on the desktop version as frequently now as before.”

By Faryal Najeeb

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