Twitter Takes on a Facebook Look

TwitterTwitter seems to be using the success of Facebook to helps its own by taking on the look of the other social media site. The new profile looks are now available to everyone, and unlike its number one counterpart the company is allowing people to try before they commit. Only time will tell when this new change becomes a permanent fixture, but at least for now people have the choice.

There was some resentment two months ago when the initial change came. Some users were given the chance to trial the Facebook look to see their reactions. IBN Live noted that the look was bloated, but at least there was a lot of information there. It was a case of getting used to the new look though, just like the case with everything else. It is a case of finding the new way around the system, and making use of all the new functions available.

Twitter has copied some major parts of Facebook in the new profile layout. The first, and most obvious, is the simple layout. Instead of having top terms to the left and the profile picture and information in the middle, the profile picture and information is now to the left. The top tweets and recommendations for people to follow have been moved to the right, so all the tweets sent can be placed in the middle.

Another addition that gives Twitter a Facebook look is the header image at the top. This is extremely similar to the custom images at the top of Facebook profiles. It definitely helps people add more personality to their pages, but there is the question of whether the social media site has done it for that reason or just to compete with the number one website for social networking.

This new design is likely to stick around, and users have the choice to keep the new look right away. No date for the final switch has yet been made, but it is likely coming very soon. Those who do not make the switch will be forced to switch over, just like users have been forced to take on Facebook and Google+ redesigns in the past.

According to Twitter there are some benefits to this new design. One of the new features makes it easier to see the most engaging tweets. They appear larger than others. Those who use their pages for business needs will definitely be able to see a pattern in their tweets, and it can help their social media campaigns.

Another feature is the ability to pin favorite tweets. Only one tweet can be pinned to the profile page though, and the idea is to help users find out more about who you are and what you offer. Again, it is great for businesses who want to make it easier for people to find About Us pages or lists of prices.

The move seems to help businesses more than regular users. Time will tell whether it works out as the social media company intended it, but it certainly seems like Twitter is taking inspiration from Facebook for its new look.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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