Justin Bieber Proves That He Is Only Human

Justin Bieber visited Japan and made a mistake, which proved that he is also just a human. During his visit in Japan, Justin dropped by controversial Yasukuni Shine in Tokyo. Everything would go away unnoticed, if it was not the Shrine, which honors war criminals, who committed mass atrocities across the Pacific and Asia during World War II.

Bieber posted a picture on Twitter, along with the postscript: “Thank you for your blessings,” garnering more than 666,000 likes and tens of thousands of retweets. While many of his fans gave Justin the thumbs-ups, his fans from China were less than impressed. Justin responded to the controversy, which was caused by the incident with a Twitter post, saying that he did not know about Yasukuni’s historical significance. The pop star apologized to anyone, who might have been offended, adding that he thought the Shrines were only a place of prayer. Congratulations Justin Bieber, you proved that you too are just a human and humans make mistakes.

Still, the news about Bieber’s mistake made it to headlines. Why? People are daily bombarded with sensationalized stories of celebrities behaving badly. Mostly, it is all about Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. It does not matter what the news is, everything they say or do, gets dissected under the microscope, in order to make a headline story. For example, Justin and Selena appear somewhere together and then few hours later, this becomes the most important news of the day.

Celebrities do have a lot of fans, who are interested in what their idols are doing, but the fact is that every news is not headline news. Given the fact, that Internet and Smartphones became available to almost everyone, one question arises. Are today’s celebrities more debauched than their predecessors? New era brought new technical developments and new technical developments brought easy access to information about popular stars. Regardless of the fact that people want to know everything about their idols, they too deserve some privacy. How would you feel if your every move and your every mistake got dissected under the microscope and displayed online?

It is fully understandable that people love their stars and want to be as close to them as possible. The bottom line is, that fans are daily digging for news because they want to keep track on their idols and reading, sharing and commenting news, gives them a sense of connection with their favorite stars. And this is completely okay. People deserve to know some things, but not everything.

When someone becomes a star, he should know that his personal life will get limited or gone. Some stars take advantage of the fact that they are celebrities and promote themselves in every way possible. Then there are stars, who avoid all the publicity and want to keep their personal life as secret as possible. It is very hard to draw boundaries on what is appropriate and what is not, but still, some people make too much of a big deal from something, that is just a regular news. Justin Bieber made a mistake and apologized, which certainly proves that he too is only a human. In light of recent events, maybe a lesson or two of world history would not be such a bad idea for Justin, before his next trip to foreign countries.

Opinion by Janette Verdnik

Just Jared
Daily Mail

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