Ukrainian Jews Told to Register Mimics Nazi Persecution

Ukrainian persecution

Ukrainian Jews upon leaving one of their synagogues were handed a leaflet ordering them to register a list of everything they owned and pay a fee for their property. Refusal meant revocation of the citizenship, property could be taken away  there was a possibility of deportation. Language like this, to many, mimics images of Nazi persecution during WWII. John Kerry, US Secretary of State, condemned this leaflet by calling it reprehensible, and unacceptable to push this on any human being. Denis Pushilin, the man whose name appears on this form has been identified as Chairman of Donetsks temporary government. However, Pushilin claims no responsibility for this recent event where Ukrainian Jews are told to register themselves and everything they own all for the sake of the government. It is inconceivable that Pushilin would even try to squirm out of this mess now that it has been brought out into the light so that the whole world can see and not turn a deaf ear or close their eyes by thinking it is not really happening.

The Jewish people, during WWII, were told that they had to register or face consequences Sadly, in certain countries, this type of persecution is still seen today. Whenever someone rises up to begin persecution of the Jewish people, their hope is that no one will see or hear what is going to do something about it. The message now as it was back in the early stages of WWII, is that Nazis power is going to be exerted. There is nothing that can be done to stop it. Do not get out of line or face elimination. This is persecution at its worst. Whenever people have been pushed like this into a corner, the end result is that they push back. The citizens of Paris, France during the reign of King Louis XIV and Queen Marie Antoinette were finally tired of suffering under these two. Revolt and revolution entailed and many lost their heads all because someone wanted to exert power over someone they thought would not stand up for themselves. Persecution is a nasty taskmaster.  Yet sometimes,  it drives people to do the unthinkable and unimaginable, but at the same time, helps reveal the person being persecuted  true character. Whether this persecution returns in the form of a Nazi dictator, which unfortunately will take place when the Anti-Christ comes upon the scene, or some other venue, some  people will stand idly by and let history repeat itself so that future generations will be replete with images of persecution. It is highly unlikely that many of the Ukrainian Jews will do nothing and allow their government leaders walk all over them.

The world will sit back and watch in horror as yet another tyrants beliefs and desires become forced upon a free people who will at the right time,  rise up in whatever fashion deemed necessary in order to repel the ridiculous infringement on another persons rights. During WWII, the Jewish people were first told to live in the ghettos where they would be safe. As soon as the Final Solution was issued, they were forced into boxcars and taken to different death camps and slaughtered. Many in the world were told and knew what was going on but chose to turn a deaf ear. It was not until 6,000,000 Jewish people died, did the world keel over and vomit and weep for not having the courage to lift a finger. One can only hope that no one else mimics this type of Nazi persecution that is taking place against the  Ukrainian  Jews, so that all people are forced to register themselves and property for fear of deportation or death like it was during WWII..

Opinion by John Thomas

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