Vaping Ban Encroaching on Smokers Wanting to Quit

VapingToday in New York, the ban on e-cigarettes is being applied around the state, even though it was brought in last December by the outgoing mayor of the city. Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California are following suit. The e-cigarette business is a 2 billion a year industry and this is the first time they will be compelled by rules and regulations, which has not been controlled by the FDA since their inception. The vaping ban makes smokers who want to quit feel like the lawmakers are encroaching on their rights. Yet the people who make the laws say that smoker’s rights end when they begin to disturb non-smokers. On Thursday, the FDA forbade e-cigarette sales to minors yet they did not restrict the sales of flavored products or do anything to prohibit online sales. However, this first step is required in order to make legislation in the event more restrictions are necessary.

Some people say that e-cig advertising targets children, much like the ads for smoking did back in the day, making smoking even vaporizers seem to be cool and socially acceptable and leading to stereotypical smoking again. Those who use the e-cigarettes say e-cigs are the best gimmick in our lifetime for saving lives due to people being able to quit smoking by only having to use nicotine and not having to worry about the other chemicals in cigarettes invading their bodies. Opponents of vaporizers say that users of e-cigs often use the contraption to smoke other substances besides the “juice” used with nicotine in the vaporizer. They also say that marketing e-cigarettes in the same manner as traditional cigarettes causes bewilderment and people to believe they are to be used in the same way as real cigarettes. Defenders of the electronic cigarettes say they are a marvelous way to quit tobacco products even though there is no scientific data to support the claims of the people actually using the devices. They state that the introduced vaping ban is encroaching on their rights and that all they want is another way, besides patches or prescribed drugs, when they want to quit.

Non-smokers explain that letting people use vaporizers where smoking is prohibited mistakenly causes people to think they are allowed to smoke in those areas. However, people trying to break the habit are saying that the new laws have made it so that they now have to share space with actual smokers, which is backtracking in their quest to quit smoking. Vaping has become a widely socially acceptable way to use tobacco products without stinking out everyone around you. Users feel the ban on e-cigs use is a direct encroachment on those smokers who want to quit the habit. Although with no permanent laws enabled to prevent youth from accessing the products, many see this as a bridge allowing would-be smokers to be able to acquire nicotine products while being underage.

New guidelines would entreat businesses to concede existing or new inventory for FDA blessing, giving them two years from the time the law goes into effect to give the FDA their claims, although they can still pitch their commodity while waiting for the FDA green light. The companies would have to list their ingredients in their merchandise even though specific criteria for selling e-cigs may come at a later time. Many years will pass before these motions will take effect, and some think that due to the lack of focus on merchandising that it will take even longer to prevent kids from being able to access e-cigarettes. As it stands now, there are no statistics on the long term consequences of using e-cigs, giving want-to-be ex-smokers the impression that the new vaping laws are targeting them, and that the ban on using e-cigs is encroaching on their wanting to quit.

Present requirements for new smoking products will be approved by the FDA only if something similar was already on the market before 2007. However, no one knows when e-cigarettes were first manufactured, or for that matter, when the masses started to buy them as easily as tobacco products. If the e-cig companies cannot prove they were available to the public before 2007, they would then have to prove their commodity is safe for public health. Yet smokers are concerned the vaping ban encroaches on their efforts in wanting to quit the dependency on tobacco products.

By Korrey Laderoute

The Brooklyn Reader

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  1. Evan   April 30, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    I have been using a hemp vaporizer to quit smoking, and it is free of any nicotine, and smells great. As an added benefit, recent studies suggest that the CBDs in Cannabis (not pot) actually kill Cancer cells, so I am repairing my lungs at the same time. I got mine from but they are all over online, and since there isn’t anything toxic in them, I doubt the ban would include these. Good alternative that can help repair the damage done by smoke and nicotine.

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