America’s Best Nightlife – Where is the Party?


Everyone is different and so is their take on parties and nightlife, so lets take a look at the hottest spots on the planet. They each have something to offer, and whether it is a trendy night club filled with today’s hit music, or a city filled with the best food, bars and beaches we are going to find it. This countdown includes cities in North America, however, we can’t leave out the rest of the world, so looking at the best nightlife around the world will round out this sneak peek at the best places to party.

NightlifeNumber 10 – Montreal Canada: If you are looking for good food and drinks, Montreal might be just the place for you. Just over the border, it could be the hidden gem of this list. This unassuming laid back city is home to many travelers and is a city of many languages. The night clubs have a variety of music for every taste, from dance to jazz and some of the most beautiful women around. With their population of French Canadians you will find food with exotic tastes that you would normally have to travel overseas for. Being Canada, this is a summer place and you will find a variety of festivals to enjoy during the warmer months. St. Laurent and Crescent streets are the place to begin your journey into the Canadian nightlife.

Number 9 – Detroit Michigan: OK, admittedly Detroit may not be your first choice, but with its casino’s and hotels it could be just the spot for an amazing night on the town. Add this city to our number 10 pick, which is just a short drive across the border, and an epic night can be had by all. Detroit casino’s offer an upscale experience for those that like to gamble, and even Vegas named a casino after this diamond in the rough. No need to drive after a wild night of partying, this city offers a number of 5 star hotels including the MGM Grand and the Greektown Casino hotel. The downtown experience is one the locals will say not to miss.

new york nightlifeNumber 8 – New York City: The Big Apple is home to over 80 modeling agencies and one of the hot spots for the single man. There are over 60 strip clubs within 7 seven boroughs which leaves the discerning bachelor with any number of places to go to spend time with the ladies. If you are not a single man, there is a wide variety of some of the hottest nightclubs in the world. Brooklyn offers some mega warehouse parties, and the Meatpacking district has any number of clubs. Pick your poison, metal, jazz, hip-hop to name a few and add to that a number of trendy venues and you will find a spot that will rock your nightlife.

Number 7 – Los Vegas Nevada: A party list just isn’t complete without Vegas, with its casino’s , hotels and nightclubs, if a visitor can’t find something to do, they just aren’t looking. If you are ready to party and party hard, then this is the destination for you. It is cliche but it is one of the cities that attracts the most visitors bar none. Do beware, that what happens in Vegas stays there but that could include your money if your not careful. It is the city that could give you that Hangover feeling, and if you are a drinker you might want to slow your roll, or you could wake up with a new tattoo!

new orleans Nightlife

Number 6 – New Orleans Louisiana: Is there more to New Orleans than Mardi Gras? Absolutely, the nightlife there can be an amazing experience even when it is not during the biggest street party. With its laid back attitude most any day is a good day for a pub crawl down Bourbon street, and it is home to some of the best food around. So party it up and then nurse that hangover with some of the best gumbo in the world. If water is your thing, this is home to one of the biggest ports, which is a site to see. This cultural mecca has distinctive architecture and some of the friendliest locals, day or night, this is one place to put on the ‘don’t miss’ list.

Number 5 – Atlanta Georgia: From Jazz Festivals to downtown’s thriving nightclubs, this city has a little bit of everything. With over 50 thousand college students at any given time, Atlanta has a diverse and entertaining nightlife. Food and Wine festivals are at their best in this college town and you can take your pick of trendy, chic or laid back kind of partying, and the southern cooking is worth the trip.

Number 4 – Dallas Texas: From Craft Breweries to The Majestic theater, diversity is the name of the game in this nightlife contender. The culture, the bars, the karaoke. Yes, Karaoke in one of the hottest bars in town, you will feel like you are on a major stage in a concert venue if singing is your thing. Like they say, everything is bigger in Texas! You can walk bar to bar and find some of the best food in this great state, and if it is steak on your mind, the local cuts are like butter in your mouth.

tampa NightlifeNumber 3 – Tampa Florida: A bit more laid back and with a lot of more mature patrons, Tampa is home to more strip clubs than even Vegas. From bars catering to young professionals to one of the states most authentic Irish bars, you are certain to find your fun in this sun loving city. The Soho bar scene attracts many a local and visitor alike, you will find dancing and delectable seafood delights in this coastal town. This used to be a cowboy town so country music can also be found, so go get in line and dance the night away. Even if sitting at a picnic table and jamming out with the band is your thing, or a more upscale nightlife, you can’t go wrong in Tampa.

Number 2 – Los Angeles California: If you like a lot of options, then this is the place for you, from comedy clubs to live entertainment LA is alive with night clubs for every taste. Rub elbows with Hollywood’s elite in Area and party in a mid-century modern atmosphere, if you can get in. The Hyde Lounge is an intimate bar with terrific Asian food. The Foxtail is definitely on the list of places to go with its European inspired menu downstairs to its sophisticated lounge upstairs boasting the area’s top DJ’s.

miami Nightlife

Number 1 – Miami Florida: The place to see and be seen, this Florida hot spot is known for some of the biggest celebrity blow outs around. Party all night and lay around and nurse that hangover on some of the most beautiful beaches around. This trendy spot is not for the faint of heart, bars are open all night so you can dance and drink the night away, and maybe even spot a celebrity. Spending an evening here you will find that even the names of the nightclubs here are trendy, so stop into the Nocturnal to dance the night away or  Mango’s for the best non-stop live entertainment. If  partying is on your mind, then America’s best nightlife can be found in Miami.

Now if travelling the world is on the agenda then some of the most amazing places should be on the list. San Paulo Brazil is the cultural hub of this country that houses a diversity and intensity rarely found anywhere else. Berlin Germany should also be on the list if you really want to party all night. There are clubs with LED ceilings and bottom floors filled with beds so you don’t even have to leave. Partying can be all about location and Lima Peru has this in abundance, overlooking the Pacific ocean while partying in the club. There are just too many beautiful and fun spots to find America’s best nightlife, and one could certainly find hundreds of hot spots all over the world.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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