One Direction’s Liam Payne Opens Up About Bandmates Marijuana Use

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One Direction member Liam Payne has finally opened up about the situation surrounding his bandmates video recorded marijuana use. The 20-year-old took to Twitter to break his silence on the incident involving Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik that shook up the band’s formerly squeaky clean reputation.

Payne posted two tweets regarding the video. The first expressed the singer’s understanding that the incident in question took place as a result of his fellow bandmates needing some time to relax and unwind, but reminding them that they need to remain cautious of the consequences of their actions and how the public, especially their fans, will view them. There has been speculation that although Payne wrote the tweet in response to what one fan commented about the video, it was really a disguised message to the boys involved in the incident themselves. The second tweet was addressed to the public at large, stating that although the matter had gotten a little out of hand, the show must go on and people should think twice before making any rash decision. This latter tweet has been interpreted as the One Direction member’s attempt to execute damage control of the situation. Payne also conveyed the message to his 16.8 million followers that “everyone should calm down and not do anything stupid”. The latter is most likely reference to the string of fans that have publicly exhibited their discontent with the band members actions by burning their tickets to upcoming One Direction concerts.

Payne is addressing the situation in a far more docile manner than fellow bandmate Harry Styles, who has outwardly expressed his anger at the situation the aforementioned members had gotten themselves in, calling their actions both reckless and stupid.

The video in question, filmed by 22-year-old Tomlinson, showed Malik smoking what appeared to be a marijuana joint. The two joked about the substance, while one of the extra members in the car (not One Direction members) asked the two if they were allowed to be talking contraband in the vehicle. Tomlinson was heard to state that Malik needed “Mary J” in order to relax before a big show. Tomlinson himself also came under fire for using the term “nig” which is known to be an abbreviation of the African American slur.

Since the video was leaked online. a storm of backlash has unleashed upon the British boy band. Along with the aforementioned destroying of concert tickets by fans, parents are furious at having to explain the situation at hand to their young children, many of whom idolize the five boys with a passion that is unwavering. There is also the troublesome situation that has emerged concerning fans as young as 11 feeling as though Tomlinson and Malik have glorified the use of marijuana, to the extent that the fans are wishing to try the substance for themselves. One young fan took to social media to express her euphoria at seeing Malik smoking the drug, claiming that it was “the hottest thing to ever have happened”. Tomlinson’s father has voiced his deep disappointment in his son’s actions, blaming the quick rise to international stardom for the extreme drop in his son’s values, the latter of which the father claims used to reside at an extremely high level, with Tomlinson vowing to never touch drugs in his life.

Fellow band member Nial Horan has kept his silence surrounding the incident. It has been reported that Horan and Payne, along with Styles, regularly take separate forms of transportation from Malik and Tomlinson. It has been speculated that, in light of recent events, the reason for this has become clear.

Liam Payne opening up about the use of marijuana by his One Direction bandmates certainly does not rectify the matter completely, but it aids in the public not being kept in the dark about how members other than Styles feel about the video. As previously mentioned, Horan’s comments on the matter have yet to come.

By Rebecca Grace

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