Sandra Bullock Finds Love Again?

Sandra Bullock

It has been four years since Sandra Bullock got her divorce, and her fans are rooting for her to find love again. She just seems to be that girl next door type that everyone roots for, and wants to see her get a happy ending. Seeing how cozy she and Captain America star Chris Evans have been, leaves them wondering if it could be the start of something good. Although she is 17 years older than Evans, she could compete with any 20-year-old these days. The last four years spent in just the company of her son seems to have done her more good than harm. She is looking fit and trim and sexier than ever, and hopefully ready to add a new man to her life. Evans has stated that he has had a crush on Bullock since boyhood, and at 32-years-old fans are chomping at the bit for the romance to start up. Who could blame them, after the nastiness and heart breaking betrayal of Jesse James, it seems all of Hollywood is rooting for the Oscar winner to find love again. Who better to help heal the wounds of relationships past than the handsome and charming Evans.

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Spotted at Cecconi’s, a notorious hot spot, they enjoyed dinner together along with Chelsea Handler. The spark between them was palpable and although Handler seemed to be included in the conversation, it was obvious that the couple were having fun flirting with each other. Maybe Handler was the mastermind behind getting these two together, who knows, we only know they look great together. Bullock is busy these days having completed her successful film Gravity, she has moved on to her current movie The Minions and add to that, the raising of her son Louis, and this is one busy lady. It is also going around that there will be a Heat 2 with Melissa McCarthy and one can only hope there is time left to pursue this budding romance. Fans would like to see a second movie and a romance for their leading lady, who has endured enough backstabbing in her last relationship and deserves a good man.

So have they put a label on it? Are they dating? It seems there is no confirmation of this, just hopeful thinking. Being the private people they are, Captain America fans will have to wait just like Gravity fans. If looking good together counts then these two are definitely destined for romance and nothing would make their friends and family happier. Bullock needs a good man, as she is such a good woman, both are, according to friends and family, loyal, private and giving by nature. So this early stage of getting to know each other is just where they should be. Evans however, has been said to be ready for a wife and family, so here’s hoping that work does not get in the way of play. Both being busy Hollywood stars finding time for love and romance may not be high on Sandra Bullock’s list of priorities, but there are many that hope it is.

By Kristi Cereska

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