Apple May Be Adding Split Screen to iPad

AppleThe news around the Internet is that Apple may be adding a split screen function to its iPad in the new version of iOS, allowing for the diehard multitasking users to view two apps at the same time. For many diehard Apple fans, it is about time. With the ever-changing face of technology, companies are relentlessly working on staying afloat in the digital ocean. Customers are constantly asking for more ways to be productive while staying on the go. In today’s society no one has time to slow down and look for information, they need it fast and they need right there.

According to a report by 9to5 Mac, an unnamed source stated that Apple is planning to join the ranks with Microsoft Surface and the Samsung Galaxy tab’s ability to view multiple apps on a single screen. The new feature is allegedly coming out with iOS 8, which is expected to be unveiled at next month’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

The news of the split-screen feature may or may not have new customers running for the iPad tablet, especially since Samsung and Microsoft tablets already have the feature, and at a slightly smaller price tag. Apple iPad users, however, have been asking for the split-screen feature to be added for many years and are very excited about the news. They may be getting their wish very soon.

While the main role of the tablet is its ability to go almost anywhere in a manageable way, its level of productivity still pales in comparison to the laptop and desktop computer. As software continues to evolve, the tablet still cannot compete with the productivity and speed of full-size keyboards and separate monitor, which is one of the reasons why detachable keyboards are such hot commodities. Even with the added features and functionality, however, tablet sales have been on the decline. The Surface only generated 2.1 percent of the worldwide market share for tables last year. Apple reported a drop to 32.5 percent from 33.2 percent and Samsung grew from 17.2 to 22.3 percent.

In addition to the split-screen, it is also rumored that Apple will work on giving the feature the ability to let apps collaborate with one another. There is also speculation that users will be able to highlight and move content like images, text or video from one window to another.

There are limitations to the feature, however, as it will only work with the larger iPad, leaving out the iPad mini and the new model iPhone. For Apple, the feature split will be a departure from the company’s history of uniformity across its mobile devices.

Either way, if the rumors are proven true, Apple will have added a much-wanted functionality to the iPad especially for all the users that function off of multitasking. For writers using storyboard and multiple note apps, the feature will be helpful when creativy strikes and the words must get put in writing, or when the user has to refer to source material while writing a report.

While an Apple iPad might not provide the most ideal workstation, adding the split-screen feature to the device may be a very welcome addition to its many features. It may also remove one bragging right from competitors’ marketing campaigns, which is a definite plus for the company.

Opinion by Virignia Snowden


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