Sherri Shepherd in Second Domestic Fight


The personal world of The View co-host Sherri Shepherd seems to be dissolving even more around her after this week. Her current husband, Lamar Sally, has filed for divorce and planning to take custody of their unborn child, currently being carried by a surrogate. Within days of the news going public, word arrived that the ex-husband of Shepherd, Jeffrey Tarpley, also brought his former wife to court for another domestic fight. Tarpley filed claims in court last month to obtain custody of their young son, 9-year-old Jeffrey Jr. Shepherd currently has full custody of the child.

According to court documents, Tarpley says that Shepherd is an unfit mother, preferring to leave their young son Jeffrey, who is autistic, with “untrained nannies” while she travels around the country for work-based engagements, including comedy shows, hosting a revamped version of The Newlywed Game and her main job, co-hosting The View. Shepherd currently resides in New Jersey with her young son while the morning show tapes in New York City.

Tarpley also states that due to Sherri Shepherd’s “negligence” of their child, Jeffrey Jr. is not as advanced as he should be. At 9 years old, he claims that Jeffrey Jr. cannot tie his shoes without help, is doing poorly in his classes and his self-esteem is now being affected. Tarpley also states that his son is usually left with nannies who do not fully understand how to care for a child with autism.

The claim also says that because of her work schedule, the absence of Shepherd  “deprives (Jeffrey Jr.) access to basic educational needs,” as well as “a nurturing and loving environment.” Tarpley has visitation rights and is able to see his son on occasion. However, as he lives in California and his child resides on the east coast, he feels that he never has enough time to work through the many issues Jeffrey Jr. suffers from. He requested to not only gain full custody of his child, but permission to move him from New Jersey to California.

One example Tarpley gave to better explain the parenting skills of Shepherd, was to show that his young son must wear sneakers with Velcro straps, as opposed to normal shoe laces. However, that claim can simply be tied to the fact that Jeffrey suffers from autism, which is a learning disability. It perhaps makes it easier for the 9-year-old to feel more independent as opposed to Shepherd being “neglectful” in raising him.

Sherri Shepherd has responded to the second legal domestic fight, stating that she feels Tarpley is an absentee father who does not deserve the right to be a stronger and more permanent fixture in the life of his son. A judge ruled on the matter, denying the emergency request. However, he ordered both parents to return back to court in July to settle the domestic case properly.

Her current husband, Lamar Sally, filed for a legal separation from his wife on May 2. With the filing, Sally also requested custody of their unborn child, who is currently being carried by a surrogate. Shepherd responded to those claims days later, filing for a divorce from Sally, citing “irreconcilable differences.”As Sally is not a legal resident of California where the two were wedded, Shepherd was the only person who had legal means to do so, as she also has residency there. The two were married in 2011 and have no previous children together.

Within the span of a week, Sherri Shepherd is in a second domestic fight. She has not publicly spoken on either matter. Furthermore, she has not mentioned the upcoming birth of her second child, by way of surrogate. The baby is said to be due in July.

By Jonathan Brown


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  1. Aaliyah   May 19, 2014 at 11:20 am

    Did Sherrie Shepherd use donor eggs to conceive the child?


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