Bad Mother’s Day Gifts

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Mother’s day is upon the masses once again and there are those who either have no idea what to get the mother figure in their lives or they know what to get, but waited until the last-minute to try to buy it. One can seldom go wrong with classics such as a clever or sensitive card or a bouquet of flowers or even both. However, there are gifts out there where even the thought will not count in your favor. Here are some bad ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that should be avoided.

The first bad Mother’s Day gift idea is hand-written cards. These only work for children. An adult giving a their mother a hand-written card is one the best ways for them to say they waited for the last minute. The only exception to this rule is if the card is part of a larger or more extravagant gift. A hand-written card that clues to a new car or an exquisite piece of jewelry is a great and welcome surprise for mothers to enjoy.

The second bad Mother’s Day gift idea is anything that has to do with cleaning or housework. Unless you are presenting the cleaning tools and supplies to her as a show that you are doing the cleaning all on your own while she relaxes. Whether they are a new mother or have raised one or more children already, this day is not the day to even joke about more housework.

The third idea of gifts to avoid on Mother’s day is almost anything that can be worn. This includes clothing and make-up products. These kinds of things are best if they are purchased by the person in question or at least with them there on a day that is not Mother’s day. For clothes it is best for someone to avoid purchasing them simply because it is hard to guess on the measurements. The last thing anyone would want is to get an article of clothing in the wrong size and get a bad vibe going on Mother’s Day. Make up is in a category similar to clothing items. Make-up is not universal. Just because the product is high-end and expensive does not mean it is perfect for the mother figure someone is shopping for. There are way too many factors to consider, like skin color, allergic reactions  and so on. Make up, like clothing, is best bought either with the woman of choice or by the woman.

The fourth gift to steer clear of is a pet. The last thing mom wants is to take care of something else. A pet is a large commitment for anyone and on this day in particular the last thing mom would want is something else that they have to add to their already long list of responsibilities.

The fifth should be obvious. Buying a gift on Mother’s Day means buying a gift for a mother. The day is not for buying a gift for anyone else. Mom’s needs are, or should be, the main focus for today. The best thing to would be to ask the mother in question what it is they would like or like to do on the day that was made to celebrate their hard work and effort as a contributor to one or more lives.

These are all bad ideas Mother’s Day gifts. The key to finding the right gift is to focus on conveying love and respect to the women who gave of themselves to become someone else’s everything.

Opinion by Mike White

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