Ben Affleck Barred From Blackjack

Actor Ben Affleck has been told by the house it is time to cash in his chips and move on!  The high-rolling Affleck has been barred from playing future hands of blackjack at a Las Vegas casino. According to reports, Affleck has been asked by authorities at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas to refrain from playing the card game at their casino, accusing the Good Will Hunting star of allegedly card counting to win hands.

With blackjack as his game of choice, Ben Affleck is known as a gambling man and bit of a card shark. Earlier this week, Affleck was reportedly on a getaway with his wife, actress Jennifer Garner, gambling at casinos along the famed Las Vegas strip. Those close to the incident say that while Affleck was not banned from ever entering the Hard Rock Casino, reports say the actor has been barred from ever playing blackjack at their establishment.  Those at the Hard Rock Cafe say Affleck was removed from the blackjack table by security for simply being “too good at the game.”  According to witnesses, while Affleck was removed from the blackjack table, he was given the option of playing other games at their location. In a gesture of “no hard feelings,” the casino reportedly ordered Affleck a car to chauffeur him back to his hotel.

Card counting, also known as card reading, is a blackjack strategy used by savvy card players to determine risk, such as if a hand being dealt will give an advantage to the dealer or to the player. A card counter will have expertise in knowing how to gauge the dealer, read the cards being dealt, and how to place bets accordingly with the objective of beating the house. Card counting is not considered illegal, but it is discouraged by casinos. Chronic and abusive card counting can lead players to become permanently banned from casinos.

Whether Ben Affleck is indeed guilty of counting cards, the actor has enough blackjack playing experience under his belt to know how to win. The actor and his poker face are a frequent fixture at many celebrity gambling tournaments, and Affleck has been seen playing blackjack hands at celebrity charity events. Sources say officials of the Hard Rock Cafe sent an alert to other casinos in Sin City warning them to look out for Affleck and his undesirable strategy while playing blackjack.

Affleck is about to start production on his latest film project, set to play millionaire Bruce Wayne in the latest of the Batman franchise, Batman vs. Superman. While a spokesperson on behalf of Affleck did not comment on the recent turn of events surrounding his blackjack barring, those closest to the two-time Oscar-winning actor, director and screenwriter say the recent trip to Las Vegas was supposed to be a respite to spend some quality time with his wife before doubling down and getting entrenched in the demands of his upcoming movie.

By Hal Banfield

TV Guide

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