Bethenny Frankel Shocking Claims About Jason Hoppy

Frankel Hoppy

Locked for months in a bitter custody battle over their only daughter, Bryn, Bethenny Frankel finally testified in court and made several shocking claims about ex Jason Hoppy. Frankel claims that Hoppy threatened that she will find out how he was on the basketball court, and he would destroy her and have her publicist in the corner crying.

Not only does Frankel claim that Hoppy threatened to destroy her career, but also her hopes of having a family. Hoppy allegedly told Frankel that she would never know what it was to have a family and that he was ready to take her down.

Since separating, Frankel and Hoppy have each remained in the same apartment, hoping that the other would give up and move out. Frankel said that Hoppy would do awful things like leaving the house in shambles, and even pooping and peeing in the toilet and not flushing, so she would find it. Frankel also claims that Hoppy would leave bad press about her out on the counter before he left, so she would see it.

Bethenny Frankel made even more shocking claims about Jason Hoppy’s remarks and behavior around their young daughter Bryn. Not only did Hoppy make it hard for Frankel to live with him, but also the reality star claims he was turning Bryn against her. Frankel testified that Hoppy would tell Bryn that he was a prince, she was a princess, but mommy was a witch because she made a great witch.

Frankel and Hoppy also cannot agree on which religion to raise Bryn up in. Hoppy wants to raise her as a Catholic, but Frankel is against that and claims Hoppy is taking Bryn to services without asking permission.

Bryn’s diet also is a point of conflict with the former couple. Frankel claims that Hoppy began feeding Bryn a lot of bacon and animal protein after the split, without discussing it with her first. Frankel said that Bryn was mostly a vegetarian before and was concerned that Hoppy was messing with her health.

While Frankel testified and hurled these shocking allegations at her ex, a source inside the courtroom said Hoppy remained calm and sat silently. The source also claims that most of these “noisy allegations” are false. This breakup has been troubling to fans because they remember Hoppy as a nice guy that Frankel fell in love with, not this crazy ex that Frankel is making him out to be.

Among the shocking allegations that Bethenny Frankel is making about Jason Hoppy, the craziest one is that Hoppy loved the spotlight and was basking in all the attention he received from being with Frankel. Frankel claimed that Hoppy loved being on reality TV with her and was using her for the lavish lifestyle. Frankel also says her ex would act one way on the camera and another way off the camera. A source close to Frankel says that Hoppy was like a kid in the candy store with all the opportunities that came to him because of the show. Many fans are not sure what to believe anymore. But one thing is for certain; this split is very uncomfortable to watch and has turned very ugly. More information will be available on June 11, when the former couple is expected back in court.

By Sara Petersen

Daily News
Page Six

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