Nick Cannon Staged a Major Stunt [Video]

Nick Cannon Staged a Major Stunt [Video]

Nick Cannon, host of America’s Got Talent (AGT), staged a major stunt on the Season’s premiere show May 27. Attending to his regular emcee duties, he had secretly planned a surprise for the judges well ahead of time. While contestants of various talents gathered to wait and be called to the stage to perform, Cannon was laughing to himself with a trick up his sleeve. As he was present to encourage and host the most watched talent show, he knew one act would be one that the judges would never forget.

Cannon, the 33 year old comedian and DJ who is married to Singer Mariah Carey, has been the host of NBC’s AGT since 2009.  Following in the footsteps of Regis Philbin and Jerry Springer, Cannon has added a new dimension to the show with his laughs, smiles and smirks. Clowning around with the judges of the past few seasons, Howie Mandel, Mel B., Heidi Klum and Howard Stern, Cannon often times gets in the last laugh.

Certainly showing his spirit for comedic relief, Cannon planned and staged a major stunt on the premiere show, stunning both the audience and the judges with his antics. Enlisting a crew of make-up artists and others to be in on the joke, Cannon took to the stage as Larry the Mime, as one of the scheduled acts.

Not a novice to donning costumes and make-up to become a character for a role, Cannon was all for the charade that would get the judges riled up. He seems to enjoy stirring up the hum-drum usual fare of expected entertainment, as he has done in the past with his white-face portrayal of fictional character, Connor Smallnut. Promoting his collection of dance music back in April of 2014, Cannon took on the whiteface make-up, flannel shirt and beanie to sell his dance album,White People Party Music. Strongly criticized, Cannon was not happy that some people could not take the joke.

Cannon seems to be the first one to poke fun at himself, as he enjoys entertaining others despite possible speculation. As the premiere of AGT season nine got underway with the usual fare of dancers and singers, genius nine year old piano player Adrian Romoff and 93 year old vehicle pulling Mike Greenstein led the competition. The judges had already set their sites on some favorites and voted off a few duds before Larry the Mime appeared on stage.

In a classic and almost cliché display of mime magic, Larry the Mime had nothing new to offer as a twist to an old routine. Pulling an imaginary rope, being enclosed in an imaginary box and wielding against a fake breeze, the act was boring and mundane. The judges quickly cast their negative votes with their buzzers, only playing into Cannon’s scheme.

The funniest part of the act was when he was handed a microphone, as he pouted with a sad face. As Heidi pouted with her own fake tears in mime, Larry, AKA Cannon, cut loose with insults aimed the judges. He lashed into full form with the statement, “Where do you guys get off telling me how to mime!?” Stern was stunned with the outburst as Howie called for security against the belligerent guy on stage.

The short scares were met with surprised laughs and applause for Cannon’s feat of trickery. He had pulled off a major feat on AGT, as the audience and judges were amazed and awed. Cannon became the talk of the night with his major stunt on AGT, gaining the last laugh and all the applause.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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  1. jd126   August 6, 2014 at 9:43 pm

    It was staged. Nick Cannon is around all the time (introducing competitors before, talking after). All of a sudden he isn’t there with the competitor? Definitely rehearsed…still funny though.

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