Bill Murray Is a Notorious Party Crasher


The actor/comedian Bill Murray is becoming known for randomly showing up at parties uninvited, though sometimes he is kind of expected.  On Memorial Day weekend, Murray was invited to make a speech at the bachelor party of a stranger. When initially approached to deliver the speech, Murray politely declined. Nevertheless, true to his Ghostbusters style, he showed up unexpectedly to grace the party with his words of wisdom. Travel the world, marry in the JFK airport if the love is still strong after a frolic around the world then live happily ever after, knowing your love can literally take on the world. Murray is a notorious party crasher, though his presence is rarely undesired and always makes for an entertaining story.

Murray seems to enjoy shocking people. He has been known to randomly approach a stranger eating in a public place, steal a piece of food off his or her plate, eat it and, in absolute  truth, tell the person that no one will believe him or her if the incident were shared. At the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival in Austin, Texas, in the midst of a rush at a bar he was lingering at, Murray jumped behind the bar in order to lend a hand, though he gave out random drinks rather than the specific alcohol patrons ordered.

Not only does Murray crash bachelor parties and SXSW events, he also randomly appears in the spotlight at sports games, professional and minor. In New York, Murray jumped right into a neighborhood game of kickball, played for a bit, took a photo, picked up a mom and went on his way to likely commit more acts at random. At a minor-league baseball game, when the game was halted temporarily due to rain, to the merriment of many fans Murray ran out onto the field in order to slide into base.

Never think that because he randomly shows up and leaves, Murray is not polite. In fact, he is very considerate of peoples’ homes when he is an invited or uninvited guest. In Scotland, Murray was invited to a non-celebrity house party hosted by an anthropology student. Upon arrival, Murray mingled politely and then started to wash the dishes sitting in the sink which was a welcomed surprise for the student. Murray is also notorious for purchasing people drinks when he is hanging out with them, ensuring that his party-crashing nature is never rude or unappreciated.

Having been married and divorced twice, traveled extensively and lived a youthful sense of adventure, Murray very well should be regarded as a wise man. Many should listen to and heed his advice. Even though many engaged couples likely cannot afford to travel the world before a large wedding, Murray’s standard advice for couples is to embark on a harrowing journey together to learn about each other in stressful situations.  This advice is very sensible, and may be the key to a happy, fulfilling marriage. Though he steals French fries and prides himself on being a notoriously random party crasher on many occasions, Murray is a welcomed energy just about anywhere he appears.

Opinion by Courtney Heitter

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